Color Me Empowered

Our projects tie-in cross-curricular activities, such as math, writing, and creative problem-solving with real-world applications to the subjects students are learning in school. We work on designing civic art projects for a very low cost.

We believe that giving children the opportunity to improve their immediate community will enable them to see the power of art and the ability within themselves to bring about positive change in their environment.

We work with a team of highly qualified artists, designers, teachers and contractors to provide children with the very best resources to teach them basic art skills while creating public art pieces.

In business since '08
Christopher Sonny Martinez

Jessica Ralat

Jessica is a seamstress extraordinaire! Warm and inviting, she makes sewing accessible for every age and skill-level.

Jessie Moncrief

Jessie Alexandra Moncrief is a practicing inter-media artist from Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the University of North Texas, with a BFA in New Media Arts and a minor in Business. Currently working as an audio vi...

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Kristen Rice

Kristen got her creative start in the theatre, but found she was extremely passionate about the creative development of children - especially inner-city children. This led her to found Color Me Empowered, as she wante...

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Sonny Martinez

Color Me Empowered