Celebration Education

We provide Adventure, which Inspires Creativity, and leads to Possibility.

We believe every child has their own genius. We inspire that genius by allowing each child to take the lead in their learning experiences, drawing on their innate learning tools of curiosity, exploration, and creativity. To enhance those experiences, we provide rich learning opportunities in the form of an inspiring environment, access to interesting materials, varied classes, and plentiful field trips - all tied together with exciting themes.

Ana Parsons

Carolyn Hays

Claudia Millan

David Cain

Douglas Hauser

Emily Foote

Jean Panahi

Jessica English

Jill Foote

Jim Beckley

John Solly

Lawrence Hebron

Maggi Brummett

Mary Ann Norton

Moira Ward

Nazila Terjenian

Paula Upper

Shauna Stokes

Will Reed

Celebration Education
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