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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

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In business since: 1999
Total Employees: 51-200
Awards & Accreditations
"Award for Top Tutoring Company" - Washingtonian Magazine
"Award for Test Prep Excellence" by National Parent Council

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Ratings & Reviews

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Mark S
Top Test Prep has some of the best tutors and admissions programs around. We searched for "Top Test Prep" last year after needing some help with our daughter's SAT prep.

I'm glad we called Top Test Prep. After working with their tutors for about a month, we saw an improvement of 270 points on her exam. Very excellent company.
David M
I've used Top Test Prep three times before. Once for our daughter taking the SSAT exam - she was accepted to the best boarding schools after working with Top Test Prep.

My son Miles took the Top Test Prep SAT prep course, which was recently updated last year to the new SAT format. He increase his scores by 220 points.

And lastly, we bought the Top Test Prep's rankings ($349) + extra session with an admission expert for a friend's son who was applying to medical schools.

All in. It's an investment to work with Top Test Prep, but absolutely worth every dollar.
Christopher T
"Top Test Prep" is hands down... the best private tutoring and test prep company for the MCAT exam. If you're applying to medical schools, check out Top Test Prep.
LeAnn D
Love TOP TEST PREP. the team is fabulous and helped our three kids with exam prep and tutoring for more than 5 years.

I can think if no other company even close in quality to Top Test Prep. 100% recommended.
Kathleen G
Our daughter is enrolled in Top Test Prep's SAT intensive monthly program - and we plan on applying to Ivy level universities.

LOVE everything about Top Test Prep. If you need a qualified tutor - not someone you post for online praying that you'll get someone good, get in touch with the team at TTP.

Here's one example of how they helped:

We called on Thursday night at 6:40pm. The office luckily stays open until 7:00pm. We had a tutor the next day by 12 noon. Our daughter has now been working with the same incredible tutor for more than 1 year. We switched into the monthly program because it makes more sense and it's flexible for scheduling.

Our daughter's first diagnostic was a 2120. After 3 months, she's up to a 2290 and hoping to break 2310.

I am impressed with the Top Test Prep program and if you're trying to get into ivy league schools and beyond, work with them. It's an investment, but worth every dollar.

There's no other company that compares to TTP with amazing flexibility and intensive instructors!
Do I have to give it a star? These reviews are so packed with lines directly lifted from the company's website and advertising materials that it's clear most (if not all) were written by the company, and not by actual customer reviewers. You can also find parts of these reviews on Yelp and other sites, submitted under different names! Is there nothing this unethical company won't do for a buck? Offering test prep for $10,000 a month isn't enough of a rip-off that now they can't even let their work speak for itself in the form of satisfied customers? Has me wondering if there ARE any happy customers. This place is a scam and the owner a total con artist. Stay away.
Mel B
We had purchased the Executive programme from Top Test Prep to help us with our sons private schools admissions. As parents, we are very short of time and have never been through the process of private school admission, so we wanted to get some help to make sure that we take the right path for our son and ensure he gets into the best school!

Top Test Prep were really there for us throughout this process and we really did get a quality service. There is a lot involved when applying to schools and we were taken through each area step by step. TTP helped us with figuring out which schools to short list and also helped our son with interview and test prep.

I must say that TTP overs a fully comprehensive service that I have yet to see elsewhere. Without them, this process would have been so stressful and difficult. I am just glad that we were able to work with TTP for the benefit of our son. A top class company that should be hired by all!
Roxanne D
My eldest daughter had always done great at school, but my younger daughter needed a little bit of help. I come from a long line of high achievers and must admit that I really wanted to make sure that all of my children achieved highly at school (which I don't think is a bad thing) Private tutoring was always on the cards from my youngest daughter and I wanted to get her some extra assistance for her SAT test preparation. I had heard about Top Test Prep from another parent, so I decided to find out more about their tutoring and they looked really reputable.

After speaking with an advisor I decided to pick the Elite course for SAT's as I thought 40 one-to-one lessons would be sufficient for my daughter. The information covered is much broader and in depth than I thought, which is fantastic and I am very pleased with my daughter's progress so far. Her tutor works great with her and I couldn't have picked a better individual myself.

I really do love what Top Test Prep and their private tutors are doing as they are changing the lives of our young people with their great system!
Lisa B
I was in a pretty bad place in my life before I Called Top Test Prep. I done my MCAT and got really low marks, which basically threw my plans out the window. My parents weren't happy with my low marks and said that it is because I wasn't working hard enough...But to be honest I was working really hard! I decided that it was time to take matters into my own hands and get some extra help. I knew I needed a tutor of some sort. After search the net for days, I came across Top Test Prep. Their website looked promising so I gave them a call and went through some questions. They put me under the assurance that a program would be constructed and delivered by a tutor, which would be specific to my needs in order to get my MCAT scores up.

I decided to go ahead with the program and to be honest it was the best decision I made in my life! The tailored help I received was phenomenal and my private tutor delivered everything with structure, which helped me increase my MCAT scores drastically!
Bell G
My son's dream is to get into medical school, but the problem was that he gets very anxious where tests are involved so the MCAT was something he was dreading! I decided to get involved and find him a tutor that could help him tackle the exam and also build his confidence. He is a very bright boy, but what concerned me was that his lack of confidence in himself would be his downfall.

I already knew about Top Test Prep from a neighbor whose daughter was given a tutor and they had nothing but great words to say. When I contacted Top Test Prep, I got a great impression straight away! They were extremely friendly and the tutor that my son got was wonderful! A lot of prep work was done to ensure that my son was given the right tutor program, including an initial consultation and survey.

I have watched my son's confidence grow leaps and bounds thanks to Top Test Prep! I really do feel like they have been a lifeline for us! The private tutor was not only friendly, but patient and experienced. I would recommend this company to all. A wonderful establishment!
Rob C
Top Test Prep is a company who spends more money on training and development of their tutors than any other company. My son Colin was taking the SSAT and ISEE in just 1 month. I wanted Colin to get accepted to Exeter, Andover, and Lawrenceville. Why? Because I grew up in a tiny enclave in Alabama and was lucky enough to be successful in business and wanted the chance to send Colin to the best schoools. I called Top Test Prep and in 48 hours we had the most amazing, affable, dedicated tutor we had ever met. His name was Greg.

Training - Greg described the training at Top Test as the most rigorous where they have the tutors do a group interview, one-to-one, then background checks. They also teach each tutor at Top Test how to actually teach instead of just reading a manual.

Development - Greg worked with Colin and at first it wasn't easy. In fact, it took more than three lessons to show him how to improve his math exam scores. But the patience and care he showed was manifest each step of the way. Top Test Prep tutors aren't your typical online tutors - in fact, meeting them in person makes a huge difference!

Top Test Prep cares...

that's how I'd describe the Top Test Prep team, the Top Test family and I am proud to report that Colin got accepted to all three of the best private schools... Exeter, Andover and Lawrenceville.
Kari T
Top Test Prep is the most professional, talented tutoring and admissions expert company our family had called - we did our research on several companies in fact. We called Top Test Prep three times, and each time the Top Test Prep staff listened and built a tutoring lesson that was flexible and able to achieve our daughter's goals. Our daughter, Nivya, was struggling with math and science. She was taking the SAT and ACT - both exams had proved challenging for her.

After working with Top Test Prep for more than 2 months for both SAT and ACT prep tutoring, I can say we are delighted, and recommend the Top Test Prep program.

If you're trying to pick the right company, go with TTP. It's an investment, but worth every dollar spent to achieve higher scores and get into the best schools. There are few companies out there whose name actually makes sense - the people who run this company are the top by far.
David S
I want to share our experiences with a company called Top Test Prep. If you haven't heard of this test prep and tutoring company, you should now. Our family had originally signed up with Kaplan, but then got a postcard in the mail from Top Test Prep. We called their team and found out that not only do they do private in home tutoring, but they also have an admission expert who can help with interview prep, applications, admissions essays and a bunch of other important things to get into med school.

My daughter, Sarita, was preparing for the MCAT exam, also known as the hardest exam on the planet. You take the MCAT exam in order to get into medical school... exactly.

From the first day preparing with the trained Top Test Prep tutors, we knew we had made the right decision. Here's what the program included...

-Every practice problem from any previous exam. I mean more than 5,000 actual exam questions. Top Test Prep believes students should use the real exam material... kind of like training for a marathon on the road you're going to race. We agree.

-A private, one-on-one tutor who had scored in the 99th percentile for the exam. The tutor also happened to have been accepted to both Harvard medical school and Washington University. Pretty impressive.

-24/7 admissions and exam support. My daughter Sarita was studying until midnight many days, and we had a question on the biology section. One quick call and that was it. The private tutor at Top Test Prep was there and answering questions... and we had a lot of them!

-Real people. The people you call to get help from at Top Test Prep aren't a call center. They too have gone to great schools and know the admissions process inside out. The application process isn't easy... in fact we know of two other students who went to college with Sarita who ended up not applying.... this is why if you call someone at Top Test Prep you'll get the real truth about the admissions process and what you NEED to do in order to succeed.

-Honesty. If you call them and say I want a perfect score - which they can help you accomplish for sure - they will tell you candidly what that takes. Yes, that means investing in one of their larger programs, but is it worth it? You better believe it.

-The ONLY thing I would improve is having more offices in more cities. I know they are expanding into San Francisco, Los Angeles, and NYC, but we were located in Texas and it took a few more days to get set up with a tutor. It was only an extra day, which wasn't long... but the Top Test Prep program is absolutely worth every dollar you can spend. Don't expect to pay a low rate... in fact, they're on the higher end, but these are just a listing a tutor matching service. Top Test Prep is the REAL deal.

I would rate Top Test Prep higher, if we could. My daughter was accepted to 5 medical schools and now has her choice of where she wants to attend to become a doctor.

If you get a chance, give Top Test Prep a call, even if it's for an exam like the SSAT, SAT, MCAT etc they pretty much do anything you could need to increase your scores and get you into your top choice schools.

Top Test Prep is 5 out of 5 stars.... absolutely.
Lisa L
YES. Five-stars, and more if I could!!

From the beginning we worked with Top Test Prep, we found the staff and team to be friendly, approachable and hard-working.

On their website, you'll see they say that, "Top Test Prep offers private tutors, test prep, and admissions consulting...." - but they go way beyond just tutoring and test prep.

It's about confidence building and boosting energy going into every exam. After you've worked with the private tutors at Top Test Prep, you'll have more confidence to conquer the strategies and test methods than any other company could provide.

Let me give you an example: my son John is 13 years old. He is about to apply to top boarding schools. We came across Top Test Prep and decided to call the staff. After working on the SSAT and ISEE for more than 3 weeks in their Elite program, we found he increased his scores by 250 points. That was after 7 meetings with the SSAT private tutor.

The other cool thing about Top Test Prep is that you can work with top-rated admissions experts. I mean we're talking people who went to Exeter, Andover, Lawrenceville, and then on to Ivy League colleges. If you need application help or help with your essays too, that's something that they can do too.

Anyways, I HIGHLY recommend Top Test Prep - better than any other place out there to take care of your family. Hope you check them out and get the help you need too.
Samantha R
In searching for a private tutor, we came across the name Top Test Prep. After contacting the Top Test Prep headquarters, we got in touch with a wonderful business developer named Melissa. Speaking with her for almost two hours, we learned so much about Top Test Prep and the quality of test prep and tutors.

It only took 24 hours before we had a private tutor - fully trained - at our front door. We were beyond impressed with the dedication and efforts of the Top Test Prep team. In fact, our SAT tutor, eventually went to medical school - and we called the company to do MCAT tutoring too!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE Top Test Prep! Phenomenal company. Great staff. Dedicated admissions experts and tutors.
I needed tutoring for my SAT exams after I knew that trying to study my own wouldn't work out. It's been important for me to pass this exam so I could get into the college that I wanted to. So I knew any amount of money I needed to pay to be able to understand this exam better, I would pay it. This was incredibly inexpensive for the quality of the tutoring they gave me. I went in there not knowing anything, and afraid of trying to learn and not succeeding. I got out feeling pretty confident in myself realizing it wasn't as hard as I thought it was. I probably thought that because I got some of the greatest tutors. They even helped me with a few exercises so I didn't go in to take my exam while being too nervous. They care about your studies I appreciate it. This is a group of tutors and teachers who are passionate about their job.
I've wanted my son to get better at math for awhile now, every grade he is in he barely passes his math by a few points. I felt if he kept going like this, then he would be in high school or college doing calculus classes and will have a hard time. I signed him up for Top Test Prep for tutoring and I asked them to teach him every kind of math they could. From the lowest math, to the highest math. Even if they're not teaching him in school. He has gotten a LOT better, and he is passing his grades with a B now! I'm sure if he keeps getting tutored by these guys and paying a lot more attention in class then he won't have any problem passing college classes. He even says that math is a lot more fun for him now because he actually understands. Thanks guys. Very professional business, and he says that his tutor is kind and patient. It's all I could ask for.
James T
We signed our daughter up for Top Test Prep's private tutoring program. The results were incredibly impressive. Within a week of enrolling in the program, we began to see improvements. She's applying to Medical schools and taking the MCAT within a year. The test is quite overwhelming.

However, with Top Test Prep, she was able to increase her score by 14 points overall, going from a 21 to a 35 on the exam. Our daughter is now interviewing at 8 medical schools.

Very impressed with the Top Test Prep company and their team. They care and it's obvious from day one.
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