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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

1 free day of daycare to new customers.
In business since: 2014
Total Employees: 2-10
Awards & Accreditations
Best of Spanaway 2016
Best of Western Washington 2015

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Monday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Tuesday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Wednesday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Thursday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Friday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday :
9:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday :
10:00AM - 2:00PM

Program Details

Pet sitting/Walking
Pet Day Care
Service details
Daily walking
Daily feeding
Special diets
Overnight sitting
Pick-up / drop-off
Special care for aged pets
Pet transportation
Special care for disabled pets
Special care for young pets
Special care for timid pets
Administration of medication
Administration of injection
24/7 Supervision
Emergency transportation
Face trim
Nail filing/grinding
Extra brushing
Medicated bath
flea bath
Ear cleaning
Teeth Cleaning
Facillity based
24/7 Supervision
Emergency transportation
Pet Restriction:
No Human aggressive pets
Outdoor Square Footage:
Indoor Square Footage:
Adult to Pet Ratio:
Care for
Small Mammals
Exotic Pets

Cost & Availability

Services Rate Rate Type Availability *
Doggie Daycare $ 26 per day 50
Boarding $ 39 per night 75
Grooming $ 50 per session 10
*availability last updated on 08/29/2017
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Daily Rates
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)
Weekly Rates
Half-Day (Afternoon)
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  • Cash|
  • Credit Card

Ratings & Reviews

( 5)
Check with Better business Bureau.... you will see how they treat animals.... look at the RECENT's very sad what they did to our furry family member. He is fine now but it took 3 weeks before he was mostly himself again.
TLDR; Shaggy Shack Pet Resort returned my disabled dog with severe arthritis to me reeking of pee, a sticky underbelly from laying in her pee, raw spots on her elbows, an elbow with dried blood, severe inflammation and swelling of her elbows, and pee on her food container.

I put my dog into boarding August 17-21, 2023 with Shaggy Shack; Thursday afternoon to Monday morning. My dog has a muscle dystrophy disorder that effects anywhere in her body that has collagen, which is just about everywhere. At less than 2 years old, she has severe arthritis in her elbows. I let Shaggy Shack know of her disorder prior to leaving her with them. I even wrote a note and taped it to her food container.

When my dog came around the corner of the office to be returned to me, I was mortified. I first noticed the swelling on her elbows so severe, that with each step she took, I could see the swelling shake. She was lethargic, walked slower and choppier than her normal gait, and her right elbow had a raw patch crusted over with dried blood. She immediately fell asleep in the car. She reeked of pee. Her belly felt crusty and sticky as I carried her upstairs. Her food container had dog pee on it. I had to go back to Shaggy Shack because her medication was forgotten. I finally asked how my dog did while she was there, and was told "she's such a sweet dog" and how she had to lay down a lot because she'd get tired quickly. I asked how she did with the other dogs, to which I was told they didn't try her with any other dogs because they had a rowdier group than usual and didn't want her to get hurt. I went home.

Two hours later, I called for more answers and got a different worker. I asked about the blood on my dog's elbow and her swelling. She said she had no idea, that my dog may have been laying down, or that she may have played too hard with the other dog. I asked what happened during that interaction, and was told that they tried to introduce my dog to another dog, but that it tried to play too rough with her so they stopped the play. I let her know I was told earlier that my dog was allegedly kept away from the other dogs and asked what day this interaction happened. She did not know, said she was not there the entire time my dog was there. She said they had her in the kennel more often because she wasn't able to be as active in the yard. Said she could be lethargic because it's a stressful environment with 30 dogs and that it could take her a couple days to readjust. She said my dog had a couple accidents while she was there. My dog has not had an accident since she was a younger puppy. I got emotional, said I understood it wasn't the person on the phones fault, especially if she wasn't there, but that I just wanted things to make sense because my dog has been through a lot and it was really hard to get her back in this condition. She told me she can have her manager call me back when she got in, and I agreed. I never got a call back.

Two days later, I call. No answer. I left a voicemail to have a manager call me back. My call was returned, and after retelling how my dog was returned to me and receiving another different story of her time there, I asked to receive a refund because my dog did not receive "top-notch Pet Boarding Services" as advertised. I was told the owner would call me back as the manager could not do anything further.

Tonya called me three hours later. I explained again what happened, that my dog's inflammation could only be that bad if she was not given her medication. Tonya said how "the girls could have missed some medications, we're not perfect." I asked for a refund, to which she told me "we won't be administering a refund because that would be admitting we did something wrong." You returned my dog to me with dried blood and stinking of pee!

I have no answers I'm satisfied with. Multiple stories of what may or may not have happened to my disabled dog. I feel like I paid to have her be grossly neglected. Tonya provided a medication sheet days later to try to claim they gave my dog her medication, even though my hydrotherapist for my dog agreed her condition could've only been as severe as it were if she had not received her medication. Tonya shifted the blame to me, saying "You chose to bring her to a highly stimulated setting instead of staying home with your handicapped pup." My mistake to have trusted your "business" to care for my dog as if she were your own, as your website proudly claims. The owner has no compassion, no accountability, and should instead advertise that they do not provide adequate care for disabled animals. I will not be bringing her back and suggest others not to board here. Do better.
Jamie F
We recently boarded both of our large dogs at Shaggy Shack Pet Resort for a week while we were on vacation. When I called to check on the dogs a few days into their stay, they informed me my dogs had "attacked" another dog, even though we were told no one saw it happen. We just picked up our dogs and noticed one of our dogs has injuries as well. Two employees told my husband when he picked up our dogs that no one saw the "attack" happen. However, we were charged an additional $5 a day fee per dog because our dogs were deemed "aggressive." We were not told about this additional fee. When we called to question this additional charge, their story changed, and we were told someone witnessed our dogs start the fight. In addition, our injured dog was not provided vet care as the other dog was, and we were not informed of our dog's injury. We will be finding another boarding place for our beloved dogs.
Jim P
This place is a rip off! We brought our two dogs to spend one night here. I couldn't believe the "extra" fees that were added! We were charged over $140.00 just for one night! Let's see, there was an early drop off fee, a daycare fee and a late pickup fee. This is ridiculous! /we spent more here than we did at a nearby hotel!
Tonya H
Very kind and caring staff. Clean facility with lots of room to play!
1 free day of daycare to new customers.
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