County Line Veterinary Hospital

325 West County Line Road
Hatboro, PA 19040
325 West County Line Road, Hatboro, PA 19040
215-675-0533 215-675-0533

County Line Veterinary Hospital

325 West County Line Road
Hatboro, PA 19040
325 West County Line Road
Hatboro, PA 19040
At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 1951
Total Employees: 1

LICENSING INFORMATION has not verified this business license. We strongly encourage you to contact this provider directly or state licensing department to verify their license, qualifications, and credentials.
The Safety Center has many resources and tools to assist you in verifying and evaluating potential care providers.


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9:00AM - 8:00PM
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9:00AM - 8:00PM
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9:00AM - 8:00PM
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Michele S
I am not one to post reviews, but after my 7 month interaction with this clinic I would be remiss to not post a review. If I could give this establishment less than a star I would. I understand a business demands to be run as such, but they have a blatant and sickening disregard for the safety and care of the pets entrusted to them. This establishment cares more about the bill than your pet. I had originally had suspicions when my eldest dog had some stomach problems. She is 11 and has routinely been sick throughout her life because of a sensitive stomach. I brought her in immediately to get wet food and see if she needed fluids. She had been checked out about two weeks prior for a wellness exam and had a full panel of bloodwork, all of which came back exceptional for a dog of her age. When I brought her in they insisted on redoing the bloodwork, and I reluctantly agreed. In retrospect I am glad I did. The panel was not only inconsistent with the one done two weeks prior, it was printed on a sheet that did not resemble the initial bloodwork. They informed me that her protein was now dangerously low and she would need an ultrasound and further testing. At this point I refused and demanded the prescription diet and anti nausea medication. Interestingly enough, they never provided me with a copy of the paperwork on this second blood test, even though they had before. Less than a week later, she was back to her normal happy self. I had several less than satisfactory incidents since then, microchipping without receiving the paperwork, changing estimate prices, etc. but I unfortunately gave them the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong to. I recently took all three of my dogs to board over night. They were to be fed twice during this time. I provided the scoops, a bag of food with half a cup more than would be fed in those time and indicated on each bag the dog's name and amount of food to be given. On the 11 year old dogs I made it distinctly clear in her file that she is NOT to be given any food but what is provided due to her history of stomach upset. There were three shots given and one exam. The total of this single night of boarding came out to $330 and some change. When they first came out each dog had to use the bathroom like they would in the morning. Basically, like they had held it for 8-10 hours. This was my first clue that something wasn't right. On further examination of my dogs, the eldest had lost her voice and three days later still has not regained it, the two year old had a laceration on his nose that split it in the middle, and the youngest had a total of seven lacerations and one very badly scabbed near hole like looking cut under her arm. Granted, I am not unreasonable. I understand that dogs have accidents, particularly when they are as rambunctious as my little 7 month old pitbull, but she has always been a crazy ball of energy and trouble. Despite this, with moderate supervision she has never managed to injure herself so absurdly. The worst she has managed was a moderately deep scrape on the top of her head from jumping into the kennel and misjudging the top. These lacerations were absurdly out of character for her. Furthermore the clinic refused to attend to them and insisted I could not prove they happened under their care. Regardless of this negligence, there is no excuse for not attending to an animals wounds. Even if you believe she had them when she came in, would you not as a veterinary clinic attend to the needs of those charged under your care? Finally, frustration got the best of me, and we left the clinic. On the way home we realized that the clinic had forgotten to provide us with the medication for our middle aged dog and the food scoops we had provided them with. I returned to fetch the items. When I returned to the clinic to ask for these items I received the medication and scoops. Here's the kicker. The scoops were in the bag that I provided to the clinic (the bags of food). There was in two of the bags over HALF of the food I had provided them. For the eldest 11 year old pup, her bag had been untouched. Even if they fed her a mere 1/4 of a cup, the bag could not have possibly been that full.

DO NOT USE THIS ESTABLISHMENT. On the most basic level, do not spend your money that you lovingly invest in your pets on a clinic that lies and neglects the little (and sometimes huge) friends you love. Our pets DESERVE the best from us. They depend on their owner for everything and you are one of the only things in the world that makes them truly happy. Do right by them, and do not entrust them to an establishment who is not in any way concerned about their wellbeing.

If you got this far, thank you for their time. I appreciate it even if you don't believe my story. I pray you and your pets are well. Thank you.
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