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Inc. online, September 27, 2015

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Through an audit of their benefits, Hallmark determined that their existing, traditional agency back-up care solution was too costly and underutilized. This initiated a search for a more cost effective back-up care solution that would address the needs of their employees and enable a more productive workplace.


During the evaluation process, Hallmark looked both at traditional back-up care solutions as well as other online offerings. Their findings revealed that was far more cost effective than their former traditional solution and the services offered were considerably broader, which could positively impact more of their workforce.


Within six months of using, results confirmed that Hallmark had met its objectives-lowering their program expenditures while addressing not only back-up care needs, but a broad set of needs across their workforce. With increased utilization and broader impact, Hallmark was able to expand their benefit impact while reducing overall costs, deeming the program a success.

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