Background Checks Guide: How Do I Request A Background Check

Background checks step-by-step

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We make requesting background checks as easy as they are important. Here's a quick walkthrough to help you in your caregiver search.

1. Pick a promising caregiver

Post a job so qualified caregivers can come to you, or search caregivers for nearby help. Found a good candidate? It's time to run a background check!

2. Go to the caregiver's profile page

Click on the Background Check tab on the user's profile. You can also click on "Request Background Check" or "View Background Check" on the right side of the profile.Sample Provider Profile

3. Choose Preliminary or Preferred

Preferred background checks investigate a wider range of public and private records so you can make a more informed decision compared to Preliminary background checks. Time frame: Preferred 1-3 days, Preliminary within 1 day. See What is a Background Check? for more on Preferred and Preliminary background checks.

4. Request existing background check (if available)Background Check on File

Some caregivers already have a Standard background check on file. That means once they accept your request, you get immediate access to the standard results.

Tip: Even if someone has a Preliminary background check on file, you can still request an Preferred one for a more thorough search.

5. Wait for caregiver to accept

You need permission first because results include personal details. Caregivers typically respond promptly, though there can be occasional delays. Don't get a response within a week? Move on to another preferred candidate - the unresponsive caregiver might not think you two are a good fit (it's not you, it's me).

Tip: Still waiting after a few days? Click "Send a Message" on the caregiver's profile to follow up. 

6. Review the results

You'll receive an email letting you know when the background check results are available. Head to the caregiver's profile to view the background check details. Exciting, now you're ready to make a more informed decision in your caregiver search! And as always, if you have questions about the results or the information you receive, you can always contact us.

Now that you know how background checks work, why not have them work for you? Request one for a caregiver you're considering.

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