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What do you wish you could tell your kids before they run out in the morning?

You Count. Two simple words that mean so much to a child looking for the inspiration and courage to get through a rough day. Even on their best days we, as parents and family members, want kids to remember our advice. The important reminder that you count. That's why has talked to bloggers, parents and families across the country to ask the question: What do you wish your kids would know every time they face a new day?

At we know it takes more than 1 message to inspire change so we hope you'll share your own messages, and the inspiring posts of others, with other kids and parents who could use a lift. Let's work together to inspire, motivate and encourage our children to be their very best.

Tell YOUR Kids Why They Count

Small words can make a big difference. How do you tell your kids they matter? »

Moms Boost Confidence: Get Inspired by Their Heartfelt Messages!

Moms Boost Confidence: Get Inspired by Their Heartfelt Messages!

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You Count Interview Series

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9 Tips for Raising a Confident Girl

Your mom thinks you make great meatballs and have a knack for making friends. Oh yeah, she also thinks you're beautiful, the most beautiful person in the room at any time.

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7 Ways to Boost Kids' Confidence

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(3) Comments
Rachel E.
Rachel E.
@crystal, I would say you did the right thing if his grades are better and hes happier! Public school isnt for everyone and its right if you can recognize that and give him his best chance at education. My only fears would be the social aspect...
September 26, 2012 at 1:12 PM
Crystal C.
Crystal C.
Crystal, I agree I do the same thing with my son.Hes 16 years old now. I used to ask him questions, like howed your day go? how was the lunch today and he would just get mad at me so i would just keep quiet and then at dinner he would start talking.Then he would tell me stuff.He was scared of his peers,not school now he homeschools and not afraid anymore. He can still do lots of activitys if he wants and choises when he wants so its nice now but still not sure if it was right or not? Hes doing alot better with his grades then what he was doing!! I dont want him to be afraid but to stand up for himself.I just hope he keeps his head up high and gets a good job! I hope I did the right thing?
September 17, 2012 at 8:12 PM
Michelle A.
Michelle A.
Every morning as I drop my 12 year old. Son, Isaiah off to school I always wish him a wonderful day. We talk in the car on the way to school and I give positive feedback only. This sets "the mood" for starting his day..on a good note.The biggest thing about children at this age is that they need to feel as if though their voice is being heard. They want to feel accepted by their peers. When I pick him up from school, I always ask my son how his day went. Sometimes kids just want to talk it through and as a parent we listen. Its also important for us to remember as adults, our pre teen kids are going thru hormonal changes and we don't always need to give advice. Some children at this age are responsible enough to make a wiser choice so, sometimes holding back on giving direction is best. I observe and intervene as needed.This allows my son to feel he is capable today making good choices on his own and this also builds good self esteem! You never can go wrong as a parent by simply listening.
September 15, 2012 at 6:46 AM

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