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By Katrina K. on Wed Apr 20, 2011 at 9:06 AM EDT
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By Jodi R. on Sat Sep 17, 2011 at 4:21 PM EDT
Do you guys have any really good questions to ask a prospective live in nanny? We actually just had a VERY horrifying experience with a nanny we found from this site (so horrifying, 2 sets of charges were pressed on her). I can "Taylor Make" some questions specific to our home and lifestyle but what are some of the more in depth or critical thinking questions that some of you may have? I am very hesitant to bring in another nanny and even more hesitant to use this website again! I have found another candidate I am interested in and I feel I have raised the bar substantially from the last one, it is still scarey though. Point blank, we need a nanny so I must trudge on through the mess!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
By Katrina K. on Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 12:24 PM EDT
Thanks for posting Jodi! I have a few different questions I always ask - tell me what your last family would say about you and how they handle an emergency. On my last quest, I actually used this article:
By Jodi R. on Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 2:40 PM EDT

Thank you for the link! I went and visited it, what a great tool! I am actually pretty surprised I never found it since it is part of the same site... dur dur! I ended up going to several different websites and seeing what questions they recommended in an interview and then I created my own (I probably took the best questions from up to 8 different sites). It is a pretty extensive questionnaire that includes 4 sections; I am hoping it doesn't derail or intimidate prospective nannies! At this point though, I don't really care. I need to make sure that they will fit into our home and with our child well! I am actually having the prospective nanny that I feel I am ready to bring in for an n-person interview fill out my questionnaire via email and send it back when they are finished. Do you think that this is ok for me to do or expect a prospective nanny to do?

I would attach my questionnaire to this posting but I don't think it is possible.

Thanks a ton!
By Katrina K. on Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 2:45 PM EDT
I think you can post it as text?
By Jodi R. on Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 3:04 PM EDT
I will go ahead and try but it probably wont work well =) I created the document on a Mac program called Pages. It is kind of like a PDF style document. I will try though, it may be helpful to others!
By Jodi R. on Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 3:05 PM EDT
Here it is! The top logo portion failed to make to one here (I thought it was pretty neat) but oh well! I hope these questions may be able to help others!

Section 1: Experience Looking after children

Why did you become a nanny or why do you want to be one?

2. How long have you been a nanny or babysitting?

How old were the children you have previously cared for?

Do you have any childcare qualifications?

Do you have any first aid training?

After viewing our profile and what we are looking for, why do you want our job?

Describe your last childcare experience and how it ended.

Section 2: Views on childcare

What do you like about being a nanny?

What don't you like about being a nanny?

What is your approach to discipline?

How would you comfort a child if they were upset?

Give an example of a typical day you would spend looking after our child.

What do you see as your primary responsibility to my child?

What kinds of outdoor/indoor activities would you do with my child?

What type of television shows do you feel are appropriate for a child of this age?

How would you handle a temper tantrum (for a 16 mo. old) say in a grocery store?

What if my baby cries, how will you comfort her? In your experience, what comforting techniques work best for you? What do you feel about spoiling?

Section 3: Past employment/About you

What was your last job and why did you leave it? How long were you with them?

What was your favorite job you have worked and why?

Tell me about some of the household rules you have come across that you think have worked well.

Describe the best family (babysitting/nanny) that you have ever worked for.

Have you ever worked for a difficult family or with difficult children? If so, why were they difficult?

Have you ever had your employment terminated due to a problem or disagreement? Please give details.

Why are you looking for a new job?

Are you prepared to do any household chores?

When are you available to start?

Are there specific days (weekend days or nights) that you would have/require off?

Would you be able to travel with my family for holidays?

Do you have any special dietary preferences (such as vegetarian/vegan)?

Do you have any health issues or situations we should know about (allergies, doctor's appointments, physical therapy...)

Do you have any hobbies/interests/other skills?

15. Can you supply the names address, phone numbers and emails for 3 references?

16. If we decide to employ you, can you produce copies of the following: a valid drivers license or permit, any certificates of qualifications, and any college degrees (if applicable)

Section 4: Critical thinking

Can you describe a time when you were faced with a stressful situation as a caregiver that demonstrated your coping skills?

Give me a specific example of a time when you used good judgement and logic in solving a problem at work.

Give me an example of a time when the parents and you set a goal and were able to meet or achieve it.

Can you tell me a specific example of a time when you had to conform to a rule or request by your employer with which you did not agree.

What is your typical way of dealing with conflict?

What was a difficult decision that you have had to make with in the last year?

Please tell me about a time you had to quit a job or were let go.

Give me an example when something you tried to accomplish but failed.

Give me an example of a time when you motivated others.

Can you provide me with an example of a time when you used your fact finding skills to solve a problem?

Section 5: About us...

Please make a list of any specific questions that you may have for us as a family. It is only fair to answer detailed questions that may concern you as you you have for us.
By Tina L. on Mon Apr 2, 2012 at 3:40 PM EDT
Wow. I just wanted to say I'm sorry you had a horrible experience! And also wanted to encourage you to go with your instincts. I have had people ask me to dinner or over for a hour or so to see how I interact with their child/ children. I think thats a good thing to do as well. Good luck!
By Fannie B. on Wed Apr 4, 2012 at 4:53 PM EDT
Hello, I am new to the group and I was actually wondering something similar I have done a few working interviews with prospects from this site and I found myself doing all the work. Me and my spouse are in a area with no family and tried to get assistance from the military no avail. Any new ideas