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The Orchard School

360 Passaic Ave, Caldwell, NJ

Costimate: $211/wk

We are licensed for infants to 13 years. We are very busy year-round offering: Preschool/childcare, school-aged before and after school care with homework help groups, social skills music, and art. Our children are advanced in their skills because of the individualized attention that we provide at our school. We like to think of our services as being provided in a family environment but yet providing the highest standards of education.

Our 3-acre campus allows us the freedom to run, ride bikes, play games, and sports, and enjoy nature. Our year-round program is very academic but fun. Our summer program is structured in the sense that we have a morning age-appropriate small motor skill activity, in the early afternoon we will use the sprinkler, in the afternoon a large motor skill activity, and they are again in water play.

Our program is unstructured in the sense that we are flexible enough to accommodate the various personalities of our children and able to accommodate their needs at any given moment. We work magic by incorporating educational aspects into all activities so the kids just think they are having fun. Beware that the children who visit and enroll never want to go home. If you are looking for an exceptional summer program, school, daycare, academy than look no further because the Orchard School is the best school around.

At the Orchard School the word daycare means that parents are able to utilize our services to meet children's and their needs at any time. Meals are provided at an additional charge for those parents who are interested. We are able to meet family needs full time, part time, and drop in. Our experience is that every moment at the Orchard School has educational value whether it is in math, sciences, arts, basic skills, reading, writing, cognitive development, small and large motor skills, emotional health, physical health, problem-solving, and social skills since our teachers are motivated, educated, and experienced in the art of LIFE, learning, and self-actualization. Parents have our schedule and therefore know what we do all day long. Our open door policy allows parents the freedom to observe and participate as well. The only problem we have is that there is not enough time in the day.
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Jin-A Child Care Center

77 Jay Street, Clifton, NJ

Costimate: $133/wk

Jin-A has served families in the multi-religious, multi-cultural, community of Clifton, NJ for over twenty-seven years. Programs offered include toddler, preschool, daycare, kindergarten, summer programs, and enrichment activities (i.e. music, art, soccer, yogarate, and dance classes). Jin-A is a New Jersey State licensed facility, striving to meet high quality standards of the national accreditation agencies.

Start With Heart:
It is our priority that young children who leave their home for the first time, should experience deep love and care within a child care setting.

Mission Statement:
To teach and guide the next generation to believe in themselves and the power of their hopes and dreams. To support the development of respect, tolerance, love, and compassion for God and all of his children.

Statement of Philosophy on Discipline:
At Jin-A Child Care Center, we guide and educate the children according to God-centered principles of behavior. Children are encouraged to behave in a cooperative, harmonious manner, which is beneficial to everyone' safety, happiness, and well being. We see discipline as a step-by-step, long-term process; helping children to reflect on and take responsibility for their actions. We guide them to empathize with and respect others through examples and by teaching communication skills and problem solving techniques.

Jin-A Child Care Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization with tax exempt status as described in section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code.
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