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BrownU Sitting Network

530 Laguardia Pl. # A, New York, NY

Costimate: $226/wk

These days, finding one good sitter isn't enough. There is always the chance that the sitter won't be available - and then what? Here's where I come in. I absolutely love working with children, and have been baby-sitting for seven years, but over the past two years, I've had too many jobs to handle. So, I've set up a baby-sitting 'ring' of the best sitters out there. Take my number, and you will never have to worry about finding a sitter again.

About Me: I graduated from Newark Academy in Livingston, NJ in 2007, and I just finished my second year at Brown, where I am concentrating in anthropology. I started out working with children as a mother's helper (for two preemie baby boys!) and have been working with kids ever since. From working as a shadow for children with special needs, to working as a teacher's aide at my religious school, to working as a camp counselor, I've taken every job I could get my hands on that involved helping and working with kids. There are so many amazing children out there, and only one of me, so two years ago I decided to expand my services to include the wonderful, intelligent sitters I know, and to make sure every family that needed assistance would always have a sitter.

About the sitters: All of the sitters I work with attend top colleges. Most go to Brown, and the rest attended Newark Academy with me and are at similar universities. You will get the chance to speak with me personally about any sitter you consider, and to speak with the sitters themselves. If you find that a sitter you choose is not the perfect match for your family, you can always go with another. You will never have to deal with an unreliable sitter. I will always be available through phone or email this summer, and I will always do my best to find you a sitter, even if you give me five minutes' notice. Not only will you have the best selection of caring, intelligent sitters to choose from, but you will also never have to worry about your schedule fitting to a sitter's. Leave that to me. All of the sitters I work with will be living or available in NYC and northern NJ this summer. Some are looking to work as baby sitters on a part-time basis, whereas others are looking for larger commitments. Whatever you need, I have the perfect sitter for you.

I look forward to hearing from you and your family!

Social City

250 East 53 Street, New York, NY

Costimate: $229/wk

Social City runs social skills groups in multiple locations throughout New York City, including the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, West Village, Tribeca and Brooklyn. Social City meets with each family for an initial consultation to determine if they have an appropriate group, and if so, which group is most appropriate. Once groups are formed, a unique curriculum is created for each group based on the students' individual goals and areas of need. Groups are run by speech and language therapists with a high student to staff ratio. Social City runs on a 10-week semester during the winter, spring and fall, and a 6-week semester during summer.

A specific social skill is covered each week and therapists write e-mail summaries of sessions highlighting the target skill, activities and games used to reinforce the target skill, specific language used, as well as recommendations for carry-over work to reinforce skills in the child s natural environment. A trip is built into the semester to allow for generalization of learned skills.

Enrollment closes after the first two weeks of each semester in order to ensure consistency, build upon previously learned skills, and maintain the dynamics of each group. The children form friendships and Social City believes it is important that the children can expect to come back to the same safe and comforting environment each week.
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