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LIVE-IN Companion/Caregiver

Full Time
Share living space with a developmentally delayed young man, age 23, and provide guidance with independent living skills such as cooking, cleaning, taking meds, personal hygiene, time management, banking, and other things that make up a full life. Be a companion to him through taking an interest in his daily happenings, his thoughts, his health; pass the time with him by playing games, cards, telling jokes, reading aloud, listening to music and singing, going out to a play or movie. This young man attends a program 30 hours/week which would allow you to take another job during the same hours (8:30/9:00 a.m. to 4:00/4:30 PM). As his parents, we will retain guardianship of him and will remain involved in his life. However, we are in our 60's and want to transition him to a situation that is more independent from us while we are still healthy and active rather than when some emergency occurs and his situation has to change immediately. We want the right person to live in our home with us to start this transition, taking over more and more of the one-on-one care/management of his day to day. That way the routines can be learned, such as they exist within our household, some of which will remain no matter where he lives. We will provide a bedroom for you and you will share the common rooms of our house with us. We will eat meals together as often as is reasonable so your meals will be provided. You will receive a wage, to be determined. Vacation times will be arranged. If you are interested and want to learn more about this position, please respond with some information about yourself, your experience with special needs young adults, your skills regarding caregiving, and what wage you require.