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Photo for Nanny For Energetic 6 Year Old

Nanny For Energetic 6 Year Old

Full Time
Hello! I am looking for a nanny for our 6-year-old son 5 days a week, we do homeschool him and we would like someone who has experience in the school setting to help us with this journey. My husband works full time running his business and I work full time in Orange city, I am currently looking for a place closer to Flagler county so that I can be around more. We do have a 3 1/2-year-old daughter, she does go to a Montessori school for the time being but will be home during the summer. We also have two dogs, a 1. 5-year-old and a 9-month-old puppy. This would consist of around 40 hours a week. We would be looking to have someone start probably end of April/ May. We are a constant on the go type of family, we always have something planned and like to try and keep the best organization possible. We love spending time with family and friends, we always put our kids first and want the best support for our family. Our son loves cars and trains, he's also really good about asking you a hundred and 10 questions at any moment. He does have ADHD so if you have background working with this type of child, that's a plus. If not, we are happy to help guide, I'm a mental health counselor so I always can offer help. (: our son does take time warming up to people but if connects with you then he will be your best friend. Our daughter is very loving and sassy, she goes to school but will be home during the summer. Our son needs help in just having the structure he needs in home and doing school work. He will act like he doesn't know something only to suddenly know it the second you state he has to do more studying for it. He has lots of energy so having someone who can play with him and keep him entertained is a plus. We would like someone who has background in education, someone who has experience in being a nanny, and has a huge heart. We do have parking at our house.. We have two dogs. We have a 1. 5-year-old gooldendoole, he's very independent and keeps to himself. We also have a 9 month bernedoodle who is still in puppy stage so we need help keeping her taken care of when we are gone. She's super energetic.