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Christi M.|Moyock, NC

$10-20/hr 10 yrs exp 54 yrs old

Compassionate Committed Caregiver With Many Years Of Experience With Elder Care, Child Care, and Special Needs Care

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a heart for caregiving and for serving my fellow man. Even as a child, some of my fondest memories are of the many times my father and I went to the home-bound, nursing homes, and hospitals to visit and care for the folks in his church. There I would help with errands, housekeeping, yard work, meals, and laundry. I would assist with brushing teeth and hair and painting nails. I would take them for walks, play games, read aloud, sing with, write letters for, and talk and listen to them for hours. As a teenager I began staying with those who were sick, recovering from surgeries, were injured, or were in the end stages of life. Over the years, while holding down a job, I have volunteered to care part-time for many friends, neighbors, church members, and family members. I've also taken a few leave of absences in order to be the full-time caregiver for several family members. I have volunteered with many programs and homes for elder care, children, youth, young mothers, at risk populations, the disabilities community, recovering alcoholics, homeless population, and food and clothing pantries. I'm also active in volunteering in my community through public schools, sports, church, missions work, and disaster relief efforts. I was a teacher for 13 years. For 12 years I was in the health care field providing direct service, supervision, and management of a residential program for adults with physical, mental, and cognitive disabilities. Then for 2 years I devoted myself completely full-time to 8 different individuals who had cancer (including my son's dad and my mom) I have also been providing care for 4 senior citizens in varying stages of health. Caring for others is my passion! If you want to see my heart, this is where you will find it- at the side of another human being who is sick, hurting, suffering, etc. and in desperate need of a healing, helping, compassionate, caring touch. I have decided to return part-time to school to pursue my Nursing degree. When I work for a family, I bring a strong work ethic, honesty, commitment, loyalty, humor, enthusiasm, a good attitude, kindness, compassion, dependability, patience, flexibility, experience, friendship, compassion, and a real passion for people. During the school year I am a 1st and 2nd grade teacher at a small private school.
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Christi M.|Moyock, NC

$10-15/hr 10 yrs exp 54 yrs old

Experienced, Compassionate Caregiver

For 12 years I worked as a part-time direct service staff and ended up as a team leader supervising a team in Chesapeake supporting 11-16 individuals with cognitive, mental, and physical challenges. Some of my responsibilities included: *Overseeing and providing support with all activities of daily living including *Oversight and reporting of all money management including budgets, bill paying, and spending money *Oversight of all medications, medical conditions, medical appointments, and health and well-being *Leading the team in developing and implementing individual service plans, training objectives, daily services checklists, person centered services, and essential lifestyle plans *Providing support around transportation, community participation, volunteering opportunities, education, work opportunities, etc. *Communicating with and working together with case management, day support programs, transportation providers, medical professionals, mental health care professionals, and family members in the ongoing care of people we supported *Managing day-to-day operations of the team, finances, budgets, billing, payroll, scheduling, supply ordering, analysis of data, team communication, organization, and etc. *Supervision of 24-32 full and part-time staff, including dealing with personnel issues, training requirements, meetings, hiring process, orientation, and ongoing support *Developing, documentation, and generation of Medicaid waiver billing reports *Oversight, review, quality assurance and maintenance of all records as well as the database *and on-call support of team 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I grew up regularly going with my father to visit home-bound, nursing homes, and hospitals. I'd help with housekeeping, yard work, meals, laundry, and personal care. We'd go for walks, play games, read aloud, sing, write letters, and talk. I'd stay with those who were sick, recovering from surgeries, were injured, or were in the end stages of life. Over the years, I've volunteered to care for many friends, neighbors, church members, and family members. For 2 years I devoted myself full-time to 8 individuals with cancer including my son's dad and my mother. Care giving is my passion, it is where you will see my heart revealed. I bring passion, compassion, mercy, patience, kindness, gentleness, hard work, loyalty, dependability, integrity, humor, honesty, flexibility, creativity, and enthusiasm to my work.
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