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Seeking care for my father in his 70s. Services needed: bathing / dressing, meal preparation, medication prompting, help staying physically active, mobility assistance, transportation, light housekeeping, errands / shopping. Looking for someone with 7+ years of experience caring for seniors. Specialized care needs: CPR/first aid training, support for chronic illness, nursing experience, support for memory care. A little more about my father: he can be anxious, pleasant, grouchy, outgoing, independent. He has multiple health conditions, diabetic, congestive heart failure, pacemaker to name a few. He's smart but may have early signs of dementia. He's going home from hospital on hospice care. He's married and his wife is physically OK, as she just had knee surgery and neither one are going to be able to do stairs. She has PPA, Progressive Primary Aphasia and doesn't communicate very well. I'm looking for someone who is patient, firm, strong. Compassionate, very caring, responsible, respectful, honest, trustworthy, dependable, and has wide variety of nurturing and nursing experience. Once we have a hospice care schedule, the hours and days we will need can be known more then. Someone that enjoys taking care of our parents. Dad likes to go outside and to store, church if possible. He's not a TV person and can be very stubborn, but does have a good Christian heart. He's very smart and knows what's going on most of the time. He's very particular about their home. Mom is more able to do things (once she heals from her recent knee surgery. She loves going to church and watching her TV shows. She loves to cook when able, and to play cards with the family.

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How much do senior care jobs pay in Mount Vernon, MO?
The average pay rate for elder care jobs in Mount Vernon, MO on is $10.00 per hour as of February 2021. This rate is based on private at-home senior care and may vary depending on your experience caring for seniors, certifications that you may have, and the specific services that you can perform.
What type of senior care jobs can I find in Mount Vernon, MO? has 0 senior care jobs in Mount Vernon, MO. You can search jobs posted by local families looking to hire a caregiver for their elder loved ones by distance from Mount Vernon. From there, you can compare jobs by hourly pay rate, the type of senior care you specialize in and the desired schedule and days you wish to work.
Can I find a senior care job during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Many families and caregivers continue to rely on as a place to connect and help each other especially during these critical times. Many families will want to have a reliable and responsible person who can care for their elder loved ones safely at home and run errands for them during these times. If you're looking for a senior care job, there are currently 0 job opportunities in Mount Vernon, MO posted by families who need help to care for their seniors at home.