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Companion Care Needed For My Mother In Mililani

Full Time $11 – 25/hr Starts 04/16 Mililani, HI
About who needs care: Mom recently moved in with us 2 months ago and is in early stages of dementia which is progressing. She previously lived alone. I currently work from home but as her dementia progresses further I won't be able to care for her while I'm working. I also go into the office from time to time. Mom is pretty healthy and strong. She can get around without any assistance but sometimes we help/guide her as she loses her balance from time to time. She enjoys watching TV (sports/comedies/love stories/murder mysteries) but dislikes scary movies. She also enjoys listening to oldies music (Hawaiian/classics). She also enjoys doing Sudoku (although I don't think she can now but still likes to try) and Word Find books. She's very personable and likes to talk story but repeats herself quite often. Ideal day would consist of breakfast/lunch and some TV and book time and walking outside (weather permitting) to get some exercise and fresh air and a companion to keep her company during the day. Would need assistance with meal prepping (she can feed herself) and maybe laundry especially if she had an accident overnight. Assistance/escorting may be needed to bathroom (she tends to leave lights on and closes doors) to ensure safety and proper hand washing. And to ensure she doesn't wonder or touch anything that could cause potential harm to her. About the care needs: Someone who is patient/compassionate/good listener/good sense of humor. Cooking/laundry/light cleaning/administer daily meds. Enjoys sports and music especially local sports (UH volleyball or football) and Hawaiian music. Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and companionship. Preference for a caregiver who is female.

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How much do senior care jobs pay in Mililani, HI?
The average pay rate for elder care jobs in Mililani, HI on is $16.25 per hour as of April 2021. This rate is based on private at-home senior care and may vary depending on your experience caring for seniors, certifications that you may have, and the specific services that you can perform.
What type of senior care jobs can I find in Mililani, HI? has 4 senior care jobs in Mililani, HI. You can search jobs posted by local families looking to hire a caregiver for their elder loved ones by distance from Mililani. From there, you can compare jobs by hourly pay rate, the type of senior care you specialize in and the desired schedule and days you wish to work.
Can I find a senior care job during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Many families and caregivers continue to rely on as a place to connect and help each other especially during these critical times. Many families will want to have a reliable and responsible person who can care for their elder loved ones safely at home and run errands for them during these times. If you're looking for a senior care job, there are currently 4 job opportunities in Mililani, HI posted by families who need help to care for their seniors at home.