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Part Time
Seeking care for my father in his 80s. Services needed: meal preparation, medication prompting, light housekeeping, errands / shopping. No prior experience required. A little more about my father: he can be pleasant, reserved, independent. Dad is a Air Force veteran, he loves his home on his pond. He's got some memory issues and loves to watch tv. Problem is, he unplugs every cable to the tv every night to save electricity. Therefore creating a huge mess to deal with daily. If he's got the tv he's great. If not he gets bored and has began collecting other peoples mail. We are in need of someone to reconnect the tv daily, fix some lunch, and run him to grocery store maybe once a week. And light housekeeping, dishes, laundry, vacuum once in awhile. I'm looking for someone who is patient. Dad also has hoarding issues, he used to love to go to garage sales. We cleaned out the house in 2013, and he's done great keeping it a wonderful home for himself. He lives on a modest income, he has 3 sons and myself his daughter. Living in Fort Worth, Waco, Raleigh and Houston. We visit when we can and he spends a lot of time alone. He always wanted to stay in his home as long as he could. He doesn't bathe?! And surprisingly he isn't offensive to the nose:(:) He just uses a wash rag as he sees needed. , but please don't be scared off, we just can't get him to do it. Very stubborn. Has a good sense of humor too. I take care of his finances.