Sheila Lirio Marcelo
Founder, Chairwoman and CEO

Every day, in millions of households, families start their day and get ready to go to work. And when we go to work, that's when caregivers go to work in our homes - comforting, feeding, and taking care of our loved ones. At, it is our mission to help people find the care they need, and help caregivers find great employers who understand the importance of what they do.

Since our founding in 2006, safety and trust have been our core values. The tools, information, and resources here are designed to help families make good decisions when it comes to entrusting another person with the care of a loved one and to help caregivers make good decisions on where to work. The service was inspired by my own care challenges, when I found myself faced with caring for my children and my ailing father while trying to pursue my career. As fathers, mothers, daughters and sons, all of us at understand the challenges of finding great care and how important it can be when you find the right one. We use the service ourselves.

Hiring a caregiver is an incredibly important decision. It deserves attention, focus and research. Please take a few moments to read the information here and take advantage of the tools we provide. We've helped families make over 1.5 million matches with caregivers, and we're just getting started with creating innovative ways to solve complex care challenges. Here's more information about the steps we take to help our members make good hiring decisions.

A Commitment to Safety

Since 2006, we have grown to become the largest online marketplace and community that helps families and caregivers connect. Our goal is to help you have a safe experience when using our service. We do some member screening and monitor site interactions but we do not generally verify content members provide to us.

As of July 2019, we have begun rolling out an enhanced caregiver screening called a CareCheck. A CareCheck is a background check that includes:

  • Social Security Number trace
  • National Sex Offender Public Website search
  • Multi-jurisdictional criminal database search
  • Federal and county criminal records search

While we expect to refresh CareChecks annually for caregivers who remain active on the platform, not all caregivers on are background checked today. However, we expect a significant majority of caregivers that families can connect with on our service will have been CareChecked by the end of 2019 and we ask for your patience as we work to complete this change. uses CareChecks to help maintain a safe community and their results are not shared. Because our membership eligibility standards may differ from your own standards for hiring, we recommend families always run an additional background check as part of the hiring process for results that may include:

  • The most recent records covered by a CareCheck
  • Alternative names, such as maiden names and associated criminal records
  • Additional information such as driving history, traffic violations, and civil records
  • Your own copy of these reports.

We offer families a variety of background checks for purchase, including an unlimited background check offering, through which you can request enhanced background checks at any time.

Safety is a Shared Responsibility

We believe safety must be a shared responsibility between us and our members. Communities and marketplaces that bring new people together cannot possibly control all factors, which is why it is so important that families take appropriate steps - and effectively use our resources - to help make safer hiring decisions. Our commitment to safety is ongoing and we will continue to innovate and improve.

Please review our 5 steps to hiring safely

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