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CDM Kids Learning Academy's Photo

CDM Kids Learning Academy

48th Street 30th Ave., Astoria, NY

Costimate: $250/wk

A Note to parents
We believe each child is special and holds the future in their hands. CDM Kid s
Offers a quality child care program for infants, and toddlers that facilitate and nurture the individual needs and abilities of each and every child.
CDM Kid s welcomes positive family involvement. We encourage a parent-teacher approach where the needs of every child comes first in order to experience the benefits of excellent early childhood education. We look forward to having your family in our program.

Located in New York City, CDM Kid's is a nonsectarian organization committed to the care and education of children aged 3 months to 6 years.
CDM Kid's dedicates its efforts and resources toward ensuring affordable, top-rated care giving services and high-quality, activity-based learning environments through the organizations two centers: CDM Kid's UWS, CDM Kid's RI, &
CDM Kid's Astoria, providing early childhood care and education for infants and toddlers, and Preschoolers.
Four essential driving forces guide CDM Kid's approach to the organization's educational programs:
Premier care giving services for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
A curriculum framework that nurtures, challenges, and engages children as lifelong learners.
A fully integrated foreign language exposure program.
Community advancement and involvement.

CDM Kid's strong commitment to accessibility and diversity as well as its open door policy embraces all who desire to provide a better quality of care, and education for their children. CDM works to provide unparalleled care giving and educational experiences by providing a broad range of integrated programs and innovative learning approaches.
It is CDM Kid's mission to provide quality care and early childhood education for all the world's children. We will provide this through our carefully designed curriculum and enrichment programs designed to nurture each child s individual talents to their full potential.
We join families in the responsibility of guiding our children to becoming confident, compassionate leaders of tomorrow and considerate members of society.
We celebrate and embrace our world s cultural diversity, and rather than teaching merely tolerance, the programs provide a platform for understanding, appreciation and a love for one another.
CDM Kid's is the learning center where everyone from anywhere can call home!
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