Walk in the door and go “Ahhh.”

Return to an orderly household.

A sitter from Care.com will not only watch your children, but also keep your house tidy and clean. It’s a wonderful sight to come home to at the end of a long day.

5 Things Mom Loves to Come Home to:

1) A quiet household in which children are doing their homework, as opposed to kamikaze jumps off the top of the newly upholstered couch.
2) The smell of freshly-baked cookies, with no trace of the cookies ever being made.
3) A dog who is happily snoozing in his bed instead of gnawing on the furniture legs.
4) Lunch boxes that have been removed from backpacks and cleared of all half-eaten sandwiches, suspect crumbs and unidentifiable food.
5) A baby who is fed, bathed, in his jammies, and all ready to be scooped up and kissed.

After a long work day, mom deserves to come home to a peaceful, happy home. A sitter from Care.com can help make it a reality.