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Really Love Dogs, Inc.

215 East 95th Street, New York, NY

We offer Professional Daily Dog Walking, Puppy Training, and Cat Sitting.

Daily dogs walks are offered Monday through Friday 8:30 am-6:00 pm. Weekend/afterhour/holiday requests accommodated upon availability. (Currently Servicing Upper East Side, NYC)
Large pack walks are not our style, however we do believe, that since dogs are pack animals, walking in small groups of 2-4 dogs is both important and healthy for socialization, and the overall happiness of your dog. We only pair together dogs that are compatible in both size, maturity, and basic level of socialization.
Some new puppy owners prefer to have their puppy walked on his/her own in their first 2-3 months, so we offer to start with individual 30 minute walks initially, and gradually begin to introduce walks with 1-3 other dogs that are compatible in both size and maturity

We offer Puppy Training 7 days a week, for those that have welcomed a new puppy to their home and need some guidance on getting their puppy on the right track!

We offer Cat Sitting Cat 7 days a week for those adorable cats out there who need much love and care when their parents are away! (Currently Servicing Upper East Side, NYC)

We are Bonded and Insured, Pet First Aid and CPR Certified. and members of APDT (association of Professional Dog Trainers). All our services can be personalized to meet you and your pet s every day needs, and include immeasurable amounts of love and affection at no extra charge
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Lee Charles Kelley: The Best Dog Training in New York City

131 West 72nd Street, New York, NY

I've been training dogs professionally since 1989 when my English setter Charley got a steady gig on Late Night with David Letterman as "Charlie the Bubble-Eating Dog."

My approach is different from those used by most other trainers. Instead of focusing on dominance or giving your dog rewards for "good behavior," the approach I use is based on the principles of Natural Dog Training, created by Kevin Behan.

Between 2002 and 2007 I wrote a series of popular dog- related mystery novels for Harper Collins/Avon.

In 2009 I was asked by Psychology Today to write about dogs for their website. In the next 4 years I wrote over 100 science- based articles on canine behavior and learning, working alongside other experts like Dr. Marc Bekoff and Dr. Stanley Coren, getting nearly half-a-million views.

The relationship between dogs and humans began over 40,000 years ago when our ancestors and our dog's ancestors hunted woolly mammoths together.

We didn't dominate our dogs or use positive reinforcements to motivate them. We were hunting partners. We were on the same wavelength, in tune with Nature and with one another.

What's most important to dogs now? Getting rewards for good behavior? Being dominated? No. Dogs want to feel emotionally connected to us, and to feel like they're part of a team.

Natural Dog Training is the only training system I've found that enables you and your dog to feel connected on that deepest level. And once your dog feels that connection, obedience comes naturally.
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