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Rainbow Pet Sitter

480 6th Ave. 121, New York, NY

We Specialize in Special Care:

Rainbow Pet Sitter provides consistent, 24-hour quality in-home care for pets with special needs. With over a decade of caring specifically for animals with behavioral and medical needs, we recognize every pet is unique in the care required. Our clients furry, feathered, scaly, and human trust us to provide customized care based on our harmonious approach. Strong relationships with our clients are built on incorporating their knowledge and bond with their pet. We collaborate with New York City's best trainers to ensure training stays consistent while your pet is in our care. This allows us to create a routine that keeps life as consistent as possible, minimizing if not eliminating stress for both pet and owner.

We take pride in being a National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce LGBT Certified Business Enterprise. An intense passion for animals and the LGBTQ+ community is what motivated, owner, Liz Cooney to start a business that serves both the community and animals she loves. As a former pet parent of a dog with severe behavioral and medical challenges, Liz understands firsthand how difficult it is to find adequate, specialized care. She brings nearly two decades of experience caring for animals including rehabilitating dogs with serious behavioral challenges, administering both common and unique medical treatments to a variety of animals, and formal education and training in animal care.

We strive to be a socially conscious business combining the empowerment of LGBTQ+ folks with an extensive background in animal, care, behavior, and rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide the best in pet care, a great client experience, create jobs for the LGBTQ+, and a safe and empowering work environment. We believe in treating clients like family. When your pet is in our care, they are treated as our own.

When specialized care is needed, Rainbow Pet Sitter will work diligently to deliver top-notch, no matter the challenge. Schedule a consultation with Rainbow Pet Sitter now to find the exceptional care you and your animals deserve.

We are honored to have been selected as November's spotlight business by the New York National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

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Dogs Call Me Gina

St Street, Hoboken, NJ

Gina is a Certified Dog Trainer (CDT) with an Economic degree, whom also graduated from Lasalle College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, whom services more than 16 years for animal welfare both in Turkey and United States.

In her professional career she also spent 7 years as a Director of Financial and Administrative Manager and has experience in various volunteer roles.

Before joining the ASPCA, she worked with different rescue organizations and shelters against animal cruelty and she is the Executive Board Member of Haysev Foundation.

During her adventure, she rescued different animal species and helped over thousands of abandoned animals for their transportation, sheltering, fostering, providing medical treatment, adoption and behavior modifications.

In this time period, she worked with different dogs started to present themselves. It wasn't long before other people took noticed of her skills, and started requesting her help for their own dog.

That's why in order to help more animals, she left her job and enrolled to Animal Behavior College. It was a giant leap in her life.

She graduated from Animal Behavior College and masters in 7 branches;

Dog Training
Pet CPR and First-Aid
Training Shelter Dogs
Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
Cat Management and Training
Pet Nutrition and Diet
Pet Massage

She completed Fundamentals Of Dog Behavior and Training 1 and 2 by Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer.

She also completed Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals TNR Workshop and Shelter Behavior Seminar by Kelley Bollen.

She is coaching for Turkey and operates in NJ and NYC.
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708 3rd Ave. FL6, New York, NY

UDog is a real on demand dog walking service that should excite dog lovers everywhere. We provide pet services through our mobile app and web portal. Our app will allow dog owners to check the profiles of many different dog walkers in the area. The dog owners can read the walker s bios and watch a full video for each walker before making their decision. Once the owner has chosen their dog walker of choice, they can request a service immediately and track the selected dog walker approaching the pick up location set on the app.

UDog is a unique and innovative dog walking app that allows the client to choose a different pick up and drop off location within 2.5 miles. Each and every one of our dog walkers are handpicked by our company experts. We make sure they get the proper training and that they are insured as well. The company conducts continuous random walks to make the sure the quality of the service continues to meet our high standards.

Once dog owners request a service, as soon as the walker receives and accepts your request, they can track their dog walker on our real time GPS tracking service to know more precisely when they will arrive. They can additionally call the dog walker, ask for pictures, and send messages along the route. Dog owners will be able to access a full report on their dog s walk once the dog walker has completed their route. This will include any information on whether the dog peed, pooped, or did anything else particularly noteworthy that requires attention!
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Spot Chelsea

145 W. 20th St., New York, NY

The Spot Experience is a new method of dog care. SPOT offers a proprietary method of day care to eliminate stress and anxiety in a day care environment. All SPOT Handlers and Walking Team Members must complete an 80+ hour training course in order to supervise and care for your pet. You will enjoy the benefit of WEB CAM ACCESS to see who your special pup's favorite playmate is for the day. SPOT offers cage-free overnights so that your dog sleeps in a living room environment rather than being confined. SPOT also offers SPOT Country, a 13 acre farm for extended overnights and focused behavior, agility and puppy training. All SPOT facilities are offer large, state-of-the-art day care rooms with a soft, one piece epoxy flooring for superior cleanliness and ease on your dog's paws and joints. SPOT has a thorough vetting process for all employees including background and reference checks. All Dog Walking Team Members are SPOT employees and not private contractors for the greatest in accountability.

SPOT has been recognized as the leader in safety and professionalism in the pet services industry. SPOT has been chosen to operate the PetSafe program for Continental Airlines as well as the exclusive choice for a first ever Residential Amenity Program for for high end real estate management companies such as Rose Associates, Argo, and Rockrose. SPOT has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and on 20/20 and Inside Edition. Let SPOT care for your pet.
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