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Patty's Pampered Pet Sitting

4341 North 24th Street, Phoenix, AZ

Patty's Pampered Pet Sitting, formerly Patty's Pampered Pets, is founded as a pioneer to the pet sitting profession on Valentine's Day 1984; at the request of customers who stated that "if they could be reincarnated, they would want to come back as one of Patty's Pampered Pets". It has as its mission to ensure the peace of mind and happiness of its "family members" (customers).

This service goes "above and beyond" in accomplishing this. I have opened my doors as a mini-shelter for the 2004 devastating hurricanes, caring for 50 "kids" (pets), assisting with the aftermath and cleanup, climbing through windows to assess damage; walked several miles to rescue both a Hearing Guide Dog and a horse from neighboring fires while parents worked; rescued an impaired Japanese Chin from drowning; driven and escorted customers to emergency rooms and hospitals, while looking after their homes; assisted bed-ridden customers who needed for their dog to go for a walk; prepared and cooked specialty meals for the "kids"; stayed overnight numerous times to assure that they were stress-free and calm while their parents traveled; and have as a motto "don't panic until I tell you to panic!" I have held "kids" during their final moments; and have as another motto
"from beginning to end". My holidays have traditionally been devoted to caring for these little ones round-the-clock, so book as soon as possible.

All in a day's service...let me know how I can help!! I care for everyone but
"snakes, gators, and unruly husbands". I do daily/weekly visits, stay overnight, and am prepared to take on the responsibility for those extended monthly visits.
All I ask is to please let me know that you have returned safely inside your home.
Please call me at 321 951 3940
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