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Buddy Friends

2027 South Flagler Ave, Flagler Beach, FL

Quality Pet Care Services from veterinary field trained and experienced staff, along with a passion for longer happier pet lives in our community.

Dog Walks

Random or scheduled walks while you are away. Three times a week, twice a day, or just once every Tuesday, we will be happy to come to your home and take your buddy out for a stroll or jog. You are busy, and we can keep your buddy busy too.

Sit-Ins and Sit-outs

Long day? Ball tournaments, theme parks,12hr shifts, and beach days are part of everyones schedule. While your away we'll drop in and show your buddy love, play, exercise, and stay a bit longer than a "neighborly walk" so you can worry less while your gone.

Bad Guy Duty

So your buddy hates nail trims? Hides at bath time? Cant get medications down? Ever try brushing your buddies' teeth? In the veterinary field these "dirty jobs" (and MANY more) are our forte and we happen to love them. We'll be happy to do these simple yet daunting tasks so you don't have to be the bad guy.


Puppies, dogs, and every buddy in between. From basic training to behavior consulting, we can provide training techniques, knowledge, and answers to keep your pack on track.

In more detail...
We can walk your buddy any time you need. Contracted and scheduled or just once next week. Walk times have many vairables; breed, age, time between any family being home..etc. We make sure they've had some fresh air, a chance to "go", and exercise. Longer walks for the more active buddies who need some midday exercise.
If your going to be gone all day we like to come by numourous times and spend good quality time with your buddy. Visits and activites depend on your buddy. Whether your going to St. Augustine or Disney or a spring inbetween, we'll keep them occupied so when you come home the whole family can relax together.
Nail Trims, Baths,Teeth Brushing and more can be done individually or as part of a package (easier to brush teeth durring bath, or a nail trim after a nie walk). We love bad guy jobs. Anything you can think of, chances are we done it for a living.
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