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Westfield Walks

16037 COLEMAN DR, Westfield, IN

Daily Mon-Fri
Minimum of 30 minutes outdoors
Will walk your dog(s) only
You can specify the route
We can be as consistent or adventurous as your dog would like!
Photo and text confirmation provided with each walk
$20 Base Price
$10 for each additional dog

3 visits per day
Visits are 45 minutes minimum
Will take care of all of pets' needs in this time
Includes any necessary walks and outdoor play time
Can water plants and bring in mail
Provides pets a stress-free familiar environment
Daily message updates with photo
$60 Base Price
$20 for each additional dog

Cat Check-In $20 - $5 for each additional cat

Consultations are free. In the consultation we will review in detail which services are needed. We will review information such as the location of pet supplies and where to dispose pet waste.
We will discuss method of home entry. For security, this will be communicated in-person only.
This also provides a time for pets to get to meet me!

I have been caring for animals since a young age.

My first dog was a Miniature Schnauzer named Casey! We did everything together. I cared for him from the time he was a puppy, up until he was diagnosed with cancer 14 years later. He was a very kind and loving dog, but was smaller and was shy of larger dogs.

When we had a two-week vacation planned, we left our dog Casey at a dog hotel. It was a very nice hotel, but even so, it was not a good fit for him. When we picked him up, he acted like a completely different dog. He would shake constantly and this continued for a few weeks until he started to turn back to normal. This unfortunate experience led to my journey of starting my own dog-sitting business.

My husband and I both love animals. So much in fact, that we made a video game together called Cattails! We have two beautiful cats who are very spoiled. Unfortunately, my husband and cats do not appreciate me bringing more dogs into our home.

We also have an aussalier puppy named Autumn. She gets along well with other dogs and we go to dog parks regularly. We will sometimes take her to Club Canine. If your dog is very social, this as a great alternative.

I live on the Monon trail and love taking long walks. If you have a travel crate, I can happily provide transportation to local trails for longer walks. I can also walk them in your local neighborhood. Don't be afraid to contact me and ask questions!

The Carmel Pet Sitter LLC

10 Spring Lake Dr, Westfield, IN

Hi, my name is Leanne and I founded The Carmel Pet Sitter LLC after a 20+ year corporate career to pursue my first love- caring for pets. As a child, my friends called me "Dr. Doolittle" (from the 1967 movie) due to my uncanny ability to relate to animals. Creatures great and small have always gravitated to me and I have always felt a strong kinship with all of God's creatures. Because of my deep love of animals, pet sitting was the perfect choice for my own small business.

I have loved, cared for and raised pets for most of my life. My first pet, a cranky female cat we called "Kitty" lived to be 23 years old. It was me whom she loved, the rest of the family just had to deal with her cantankerous ways! I have lived with and have experience caring for cats, dogs, fish, small birds, reptiles and rodents. Irregardless of species, each have been treated with tender loving care.

I have a deep interest in pet health and nutrition and as a hobby research trends in veterinary medicine and the pet food industry. It is my belief that a happy pet is always sound physically as well as mentally and as a pet sitter I strive to implement this knowledge to make sure each pet has the best pet sitting experience they can possibly have.

I currently share my home with a variety of furry critters. I have five of my own dogs, three of which are rescues. I also share my home with two wonderful Maine Coon cats. I am strongly committed to animal rescue and am a foster parent for Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue. My current foster dog as this writing, Willow, is pictured on my website. I am active in canine sports and am currently training my young Portuguese Water Dog to compete in water trials and obedience. For more information about this versatile breed, feel free to write or call (no obligation) or check out The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America.
As a professional pet sitter, I am associated with NAPPS, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. NAPPS provides continual learning opportunities and better ways to help service my clients. NAPPS continues as the oldest and largest non-profit organization dedicated to the pet sitting industry. I am proud to be a member of this wonderful organization and pledge to to uphold their high standards of professionalism in pet sitting.

I am also bonded and insured for your peace of mind and protection.

Feel free to contact me at any time.
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