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Crafty Canine Club's Photo

Crafty Canine Club

13640 Agsten Ln, Poway, CA

At Crafty Canine Club, we are committed to any and every owner that comes to us for assistance. We believe that every dog deserves a chance, which is why we are committed to making the transition to a dog owner as easy as possible. With multiple different training options and classes, you will find everything you need to help raise your dog's social ability, obedience, and confidence.
Reviewed by MDOT 5/5 stars
I met Don (owner of the Crafty Canine Club) one night when I walked over to his place. I was attempting to meet him and learn more about his training programs, but like I said it was late and he wasn't home. As Harley (my dog) and I walked home, a Jeep pulled up alongside us. Don had tracked us down so he could introduce himself (how about that for some customer service!). Apparently he was headed for the movies, but when he heard that somebody had stopped by he interrupted his plans to come meet us. Since that first meeting, Don has done nothing but show focused dedication to his craft: training and loving dogs. At his recommendation, we elected to have Harley stay for a free 2 day boarding program where he gets a chance to evaluate the dog and develop a training plan for them. After that two day stint, Harley came back a better listener, A better leash walker, and more responsive when called. Needless to say we will be using Crafty Canine Club for all of our boarding and training needs. I'm excited to say that I trust Don completely with my dog as he has loads of empathy and compassion for the dogs he owns and the dogs he trains/boards!
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