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JDS Equine Services

1 Applewood Lane, Charlton, MA

JDS Equine Services is in search of more clients. We are located in the central MA area with pricing starting at $25 a session. We offer a wide variety of options; from grooming and ground work to competing in shows, and vacation care. JDS Equine Services travels to your barn and works with your horse where he or she is comfortable. JDS Equine Services offers multi-horse or barn discounts. JDS Equine Services offers positive training for horses of all shapes and sizes from minis to drafts. A horse learns best with consistent work. Every time you work with a horse you are training it. JDS Equine Services has many options including, but not limited to, weekly exercise and training rides, two or three-week boot camps, and ground sessions. Jasmine, owner of JDS Equine Services, has been working with horses for nearly fourteen years; starting at the age of four. She has studied in many different disciplines, including but not limited to, hunter jumper, jumpers, dressage, events, western pleasure, barrels, poles, keyhole race, and liberty. Jasmine has also studied, drill team, bridleless and bareback riding, trick riding, roman riding, and vaulting. Jasmine believes that horses are partners and works to find the best methods for each individual horse. She understands that horses work on their own time and spends as much time as needed; only moving on when the horse truly understands what is expected of them. Jasmine would say that she specializes in problem horses. She has had wonderful outcomes with horses that, buck, bolt, rear, have trouble at the mounting block, refuse or rush jumps, is generally spooky, or has a specific problem or fear. We strongly believe that a horse shouldn't only do one thing and like to bring the horses outside the ring and work in fields, on trails, at shows, hunter paces, and clinics. We believe that you should mix it up a bit and do things that aren't done on a normal day. A bored horse is a misbehaving one. A well-rounded horse is one that has experienced many different things.

CritterSitters Veterinary Technician-Staffed Home Care

69 Appleton Road, Auburn, MA

CritterSitters Veterinary Technician-Staffed In-Home Pet Care is your answer to finding quality, compassionate care for your furred, finned, feathered and scaled friends while you are away.

CritterSitters Pet Sitters are all experienced veterinary technicians (nurses) and also pet owners. Serving Worcester County and surrounding areas since 2001, we care for dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, reptiles, aquaria, and small animals in the comfort of their own homes; care for large animals such as horses may also be arranged. Most home visits are 1/2 hour-1 hour in length, and several a day can be scheduled; overnight care is available as well.

CritterSitters staff are capable of and experienced with administering a variety of medications and treatments, including subcutaneous fluids, oral medications, transdermal gels, injectable medications, and diabetes maintenance, including checking blood glucose and administering insulin.

Other services included at no extra charge include collecting mail and newspapers, turning lights on and off, watering plants, etc. within reason.

Clients will be presented with a professional contract to be reviewed with the assigned Pet-Sitter prior to the dates of service, and CritterSitters staff will generally come to meet you and your pets prior to dates of service

If you need to be away and would like your pets to remain as comfortable and stress-free as possible by staying in their own home while you are gone, to be cared for by medical professionals who will treat your pet like their own, please contact CritterSitters today.

Rates and references available upon request!
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