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20900 Cleveland Ave, New Berlin, WI

Most people can ask family members of friends to "look after" their fur babies. However, do they know how to handle any emergencies? Do they know first aid and CPR? (can they provide documentation that they do know it?) What is their plan of action in a blizzard, a tornado or a fire? Do they know signs of distress or pain? WE DO! Do they know each and every vet in town? Let us help provide you with complete peace of mind while you are away.

We specialize in four categories of importance:

1. Safety-We all know first aid, CPR, and give you a complimentary ID tag at our meet and greet. We keep a close eye and short leash on your pets while under our care. Their safety is our utmost concern. We also use the utmost caution when handling your fur babies-we wash our hands early and often! (yes, we are germaphobes!)

2. Communication-you will know at all times how your pet is doing and what happened on our visits. You won't need to worry about our whereabouts-we'll let you know!

3. Wellness-We read tirelessly about wellness and nutrition so we can educate you on making smart food choices for your family members. Healthy pets equal happy pets. We partner with both holistic and traditional veterinarians to get you the best possible care.

4. Privacy-the details of your home and your information stay with US and we respect your privacy. We share none of your personal information with anyone.
5. We work as a team. If one person is ill or needs to attend to an emergency with another customer, we will take over that sitters route and fill in so your pets aren't left waiting!

6. We are proud members of NAPPS-the non profit professional pet sitting organization aimed at creating awareness of the pet sitting profession and our value to society!

We are also nominated for the 2012 Business of the Year!!!
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