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A Happy Pack's Photo

A Happy Pack

100 W High Street, Moorpark, CA

Pet Sit-Walk-Stay:
Professional Pet Care Service in your Home! Why choose a Professional Pet Sitter? Your pet won't be upset and you won't be inconvenienced by transporting your pets to boarding facility. Your friend won't be exposed to illness & parasites from other pets. There will be little to no interruptions in your pets routine. Your furry Friend will stay right at home and enjoy his own bed, toys, treats and exercise routine. As well as his own food and friends! There is No Stress for You or Your Furry Family Members!
Because Loving Animals is Not Enough! We are Licensed for your Safety. We are Bonded to Protect Your Home. We are Insured for Your Peace of Mind! We are Red Cross Certified to Provide Pet First Aid and Pet CPR for When Your Friend Needs Us Most!
We are Proud of these Credentials and will Gladly Share these with our Clients. Our Clients are Protected! We feel they are Worth the extra level of Customer Service!
Not All Pet Sitters are created Equal! If they Don't Offer to Show You Their Credentials...they probably Don't Have Any!
While you're Away, We Will:
*bring in mail/newspaper. *administer pet medications as required.* remove trash,
* feed pets,* thoroughly clean litter box,* sweep/ vacuum as needed,* change & wash pet bedding, * clean food dishes,* clean pet waste from yard* wipe counters,*
*clean water dish daily,* feed and brush pets as directed,*adjust blinds and lighting,*provide fresh water,* dog walked for exercise, * check house for security windows/doors,* water plants as requested,* Look for And Clean any Pet Messes,* Look for an Clear any possible Pet Hazards.
We also keep Pet Parents informed through our Daily Ruff Briefing!
We cannot Replace everything You Do for Your Pets, but We Try! We Take Care of Everything from Belly Rubs to Medications and have not had a single complaint yet!
We can't Wait to Meet You and Your Pet Family!

Diggin' Dawgz

14165 Huron Court, Moorpark, CA

Only the best for our furry guests! Stay-at-home Mom with a passion for dogs will care for your dogs with the same love and attention that I give my own.

I am a life-long animal advocate with 20+ years experience caring for dogs and have been an active volunteer with dog rescue groups since 2008, including starting and running a no-kill animal shelter.

I have fostered-to-rehabilitate several 'special-needs' dogs who were successfully adopted into their furever homes. Your dogs will become a part of our family and have fun playing with our own dogs. Someone is always at home so they will never be alone and will always get lots of love and attention.

Fully fenced and secure backyard with a grassy area, perfect for a game of chase. Plenty of patio area with outside bedding for afternoon sunning.

Your dogs will have free run of the house with dog beds throughout, complete with blankets for nesting and burrowing. Your pooch is welcome to snuggle with us on the couch, and our pack is happy to share their vast collection of dog toys.

Your dogs will enjoy going on two walks every day and running/playing ball at the dog park. There's always a free lap to snuggle on, and we love to give belly rubs here at Diggin' Dawgz. And if you want, we can give your fido a complimentary spa treatment (ok, a bath). You'll be able keep track of your dogs' adventures on our Facebook page while you're away. I love to catch them doing silly things or just hanging out with the family. You're guaranteed to see lots of adorable puppy pictures so you can relax knowing your dogs are safe and well cared for (spoiled).

Our own "pack" was featured on the "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan" in a special cul-de-sac episode, which won the viewers' choice award for the season. Cesar told us that our pack was one of the best-behaved he's ever seen.

Feel free to schedule a time to come by and meet the family. Looking forward to meeting you and your fur-baby(ies)!

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