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Our Home Doggy Daycare & Boarding's Photo

Our Home Doggy Daycare & Boarding

1721 Gray Station Sulphur Springs Rd., Johnson City, TN

Welcome to the best doghouse in the Tri-Cities area. We have a doghouse like you've never seen before. Dogs love to stay here because it's like the coolest vacation ever for them! Dog owners love it because they trust and know that their little baby sweethearts are getting the same care and attention than they can get at home. Here your little darlings get waited on hand and foot, so sorry if we spoil them... they're our number one priority. They get hugged, loved, and squeezed and kissed more than you'd ever realize or expect... Indoors we manage a comfortable home-like setting and secured areas where the dogs can play and rest comfortably. Outdoors we have about 3 acres of fenced space where the dogs get to go out and run for their exercise or like many other dogs that just want to sniff and explore, and then there's some are just extra-happy to go outside and take a good long walk... your dogs can run, dig, play ball, fetch sticks, chew bones, and so much more!
After a long day of activities, fun, and exercise, our dogs get plenty of rest too. Their busy day wears them out and they just want a place to lie down and rest and sleep in peace and quiet while they recharge. They rest easy here because the doghouse is like a home and they feel safe and comfortable... On nice days all doors are open and everybody comes and goes as they please. In cold or inclement weather we go back inside where there's the TV, HVAC, comfortable lighting, pictures, curtains, clean furniture, rugs to lie on... just like home... everything is clean and sanitary and always is! It's like the living room. And you wouldn't think so, but one of the coolest things of all is that... most of the time it's really unbelievably quiet!
We're always here on-site 24/7 and we even sleep in the doghouse.
We don't use crates (unless you want us to).
We don't leave the doghouse unattended for more than an hour at a time.
When your dogs stay with us they make some really good friends while they're here, not only with us, but with other dogs as well. Dogs that come regularly meet new dogs all the time which makes them so much more sociable, manageable, and friendly. You'll see a difference the first time they stay with us and they get better every time they come. Your babies will want to come back as soon as they can because it's the coolest place ever for them. Many of our customers tell us that their dogs get really excited when they realize they're coming back here...
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