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Pet Pals Pet Services, LLC

778 Hamlin Drive, Maineville, OH

My company is the BEST at caring for your pets. We do IN-HOUSE pet sitting/walking, meaning that we come to your place of residence (we are not pet sit at our residence). We are VERY conscious of time and schedules. We will go above and beyond what other Pet Sitting Company's do. We are FULLY INSURED (better than bonding) for pet injury/death, household theft/breakage.

When you contact us, we will set up a time to meet and greet. Usually about a 45 - 60 minute time frame. This allows for meeting you and your family, as well as time to meet the pets and to be sure that everyone is comfortable with each other. In addition, there is legal paperwork to be filled out. During the time the paperwork is being filled out, we will assess that your pet is comfortable with us and the pet sitter is comfortable with your pet. If both pet and sitter are comfortable, we will then discuss the pet sitting / dog walking schedule and any special instructions (such as how you wish us to enter your living space (key for door or through garage), feeding and treat schedule, medications to administer, where to dispose of waste, where towels are kept (for rainy/snowy days), etc.

Our dog/pet walking is 30 minutes in length. This includes a 15 - 20 minute walk/play time. The other 10 minutes are utilized for getting the dog/pet ready for the walk and downtime after walk, treat time, feeding (if instructed), medication (if needed), petting and loving on pet.

Our pet sitting (while on vacation or business trip) is 45 - 50 minutes in length. This includes a 20 - 25 minute walk/play time. The other 20 minutes are used for feeding, downtime, treats, medication (if needed), checking the house and double checking locks, turning on lights (if needed), adjusting blinds/drapery, watering plants (if needed), bringing in mail/newspapers, taking out trash on trash day and bringing cans back in and showing your pet(s) love and attention.

We also offer overnight pet sitting if needed. We will spend the night at your residence with your pet(s) from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. and offer all of our services that are needed.

In addition, we also offer a Taxi Service for your pet(s). If they need to go to the Vet, the Groomer or any place of your choice, we will be happy to transport them.

Another service we offer is pet waste cleanup. If you have dogs and your yard is a place of doggy landmines, we will be glad to clean it up. We clean and disinfect our shoes and equipment after each clean-up.

We currently operate in Maineville, Loveland, Mason, Milford, West Chester, Montgomery, Lebanon and Monrow areas. Please feel free to contact me concerning areas outside these areas.
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