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Dr. Deelittle Pet Care's Photo

Dr. Deelittle Pet Care

8767 Redwing Avenue, Littleton, CO

Hi there and thank you so much for viewing our profile. We are animal enthusiasts / lovers seeking to make your life easier! We have a shared experience of over 4 years in pet care with practically any mammal you could think of. We LOVE what we do. We work as a team, covering each other when the other is unavailable, making our reliability outstanding, also ensuring that your furry baby is never without love and endless ear rubs. We understand what it's like to have a pet be a family member, because in our minds, they are. We live by the ideology that animals are no different than people, and should be treated the same ultimately. We are a young couple, and we've been together for over 3 years, we have been faced with many obstacles and handed a very ugly deck of cards throughout our lives. However, we are very strong people and refuse to give up. We are doing anything and everything we can to move out in January and have a fresh start. We are responsible, mature, and we work together to ensure the best possible care of your animal. What makes us different? We are gentle, kind, down to earth people with only genuine intentions. Upon meeting us, I am positive, you will believe me when I say that your furry baby is in the best hands. We send daily updates/pictures and take your pets to the coolest parks/forests (for those who don't play well with others) and keep them active! We are so excited to have the amazing opportunity of meeting you and your furry friend. Message us today!!! We Look Forward to It!!!
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