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Stone Mill Grooming

90 W Main St A, Lebanon, PA

At Stone Mill Grooming, we treat your pet like our own. Our pet care stylists have all completed thorough training from an accredited program and have 15+ years of experience to their names.

We gladly welcome all breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments of dogs and cats. Special accommodations are even made for your limited mobility or older dogs and cats so they can comfortably enjoy their spa day, too!

At Stone Mill Grooming, we use a top of the line bathing system that massages your pet while getting them clean all the way down to the skin. After a relaxing bath, we use a low noise dryer to dry your pet's coat. Finally, we use a vacuum system in combination with the clippers to cut your pet's hair. The vacuum system is not only safer, but cuts down on the hair left behind after the cut.

All of our packages include a bath in our basic shampoo, a thorough brush out, nail clipping, ear cleaning and ear hair plucking (if necessary). Please see our packages below:

Bath Service: Includes a bath, brush out, nail clipping and ear cleaning and plucking.

Bath & Trim: Includes a bath, brush out, nail clipping, ear cleaning & plucking and a trim up. You decide if it's an "all over" trim or if there are specific areas you'd like us to focus on.

Full Groom: Includes a bath, brush out, nail clipping, ear cleaning & plucking, and an all over hair cut. You decide length and style of the cut.

In addition to the basics, we offer the following as "add on" services. You can chose any or all of these services to be added onto your pets spa day package.

- Special Shampoo: We offer Medicated shampoo for pets with skin allergies, hypo allergenic shampoo for pets (or owners!) with sensitivities to fragrances or very sensitive skin, oatmeal shampoo for pets with dry skin, whitening/brightening shampoo for pets with white or black coats.
- Flea Bath.
- Nail grinding: smooths the edges of your pets nails after a clipping.
-Teeth Brushing.
- Nail Painting.
-Deskunking Bath.
- Blueberry facial.
-Dematting: this is for pets with some tangles that can be SAFELY removed.
-Deshedding: this is for our double coated pets. It includes a special shampoo, conditioner and extra brushing to remove all loose hair from your pet's coat.

Walk in during our business hours for a nail clipping or grinding.

**Please make sure to bring along valid proof of rabies vaccinations. By law, we are unable to accept the tags so please bring in paper form or email a photo of the paper to our email**
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