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Houston Creatures Great and Small's Photo

Houston Creatures Great and Small

1117B Woodland Street, Houston, TX

After working over 15 years in the Oil Industry, 13 of those with one of the largest companies in the world, the opportunity came to take a different path. Every day I left for work with the same guilt and sadness that you probably feel leaving your pets behind. It was hard knowing that I would be gone for 9 or more hours a day, and they would be home lonely and waiting. The opportunity to start my own business came in April of 2018, and it opened the door to do something that I truly love and am passionate about! Everyday I have the privilege of loving and caring for my pet clients like they are my own.

I have a wide variety of experience with pets of multiple varieties, and I love looking for new opportunities and learning experiences!

- Cats, including cats with difficult personalities and behavior disabilities.
- Dogs of all sizes
- Senior pets
- Rescue pets
- Medication and insulin administration
- Rabbits
- Hamsters
- Turtles, our family turtle is around 34 years old
- Fish
- Horses

Certifications & Training
- Pet First Aid and CPR
- Insured and Bonded through Mourer Foster Kennel Pro
- Member of Pet Sitters International

Our Goals
- Love Your Pets - our goal is to provide care to your pet that follows a routine and makes them feel safe and loved in the same way as when you are home.

- Build Community - look forward to seasonal events and parties for our clients and their families!

- Support Pet Causes - participate in local pet walks and 5ks, bring awareness, and educate.

- Stewards of the Earth - all the products we use are Earth friendly, biodegradable or made from recycled materials. All of edible products and most consumables are made in the USA or in countries that have high standards protecting pets.

Benefits of In Home Care
- Lower anxiety and stress for your pet
- Familiar surroundings and smells
- Safer than group boarding settings
- Lower risk of illness and injury
- Individual attention and care
- Regular updates on your pet and home
- Peace of mind
Compassionate Companions Pet Care's Photo

Compassionate Companions Pet Care

4400 Montrose, Houston, TX

At Compassionate Companions, we mean what we say. We are passionate about all that we do! We are a genuinely local business and are fiercely proud of our community. Because of this, we know our neighborhood well and take pride in being able to serve and give back to our community.

Our name was born from a desire to imbue passion and compassion into the care that we provide you and your pets. We are pet owners and animal lovers too; we know that your pets are as loved and valued as any other member of your family, as ours are to us. Our core values dictate compassion, care, friendship, and integrity.

Having worked in professional pet care for several years prior to the founding of Compassionate Companions, we had the opportunity to learn about many different methods of such and were exposed to many practices which are often considered the industry "norm" but which we found to be not entirely keeping with our personal beliefs and philosophies.

When we decided to start on our journey to establish Compassionate Companions, we knew that we couldn't in good conscience continue these practices in our own business, and so with a dream in our heart we set out to revolutionize professional pet care with our compassionate and ethical approach.

Building off this desire, we have carefully crafted our unique and ethical approach to professional pet care. As such, there are certain values that we adhere to at all times while caring for your furry loved ones.
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