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The Mutt Runners

4711 Maser Court, Hampton, VA

The Mutt Runners is a dog running service that primarily focuses on walking/running dogs that are overweight, have behavior issues and/or don't get enough exercise due to their owner's work schedule or physical limitations.

The initial session will be an evaluation walk/run. The Mutt Runner and Mutt Master will meet with the client and their dog. The dog's fitness level will be assessed (endurance, condition of paw pads, etc) to create a custom exercise routine designed to increase the dog's overall well-being.

Mutt Runners are insured and certified by the Red Cross to provide First Aid to dogs. They can administer medications, recognize and respond to an emergency, perform CPR/first aid, treat common problems, and carry a pet first aid kit.

Mutt Runners run with a cell phone in case of emergency and use the "RunKeeper" App. The RunKeeper App measures distance, pace, overall time and allows runners to keep notes on the dog's performance. Clients will be able to review their dog's workout and keep track of their progress.

Mutt Patrols - Mutt Runners also act as a neighborhood watch. They can report suspicious behavior, lost children and stray/lost animals to local authorities. Mutt Runners do not wear headphones or listen to music during a run. They are alert and aware of their surroundings.

Mutt Sitting will also be offered for those that are going out of town and want a Mutt Runner to visit 3 times a day to feed, play, exercise and love their dogs.

The Mutt Hut is a giant dog house (the size of a 2-car garage) with toys, beds and access to a spacious yard. The yard has an obstacle/agility course and a mini pool.

The Mutt Mansion is a home based doggie daycare located in Hampton, VA. There will never be more than 3 dogs staying at the Mutt Mansion (2 clients and 1 foster dog).

We foster dogs that are current residents of the Animal Aid Society of Hampton, VA. The dogs are either extremely shy/nervous or recovering from major surgery. They are fixed and up-to-date on all shots.

We administer medication and first aid to ensure the dog fully recovers. The pack also helps out by providing encouragement and support :-)

Please visit the Animal Aid Society if you're looking to add a dog to your family.

Cage-less, overnight boarding at the Mutt Mansion is another service offered. Dogs will sleep on their doggie beds in the Mutt Master's bedroom.
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