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Gulfside Pet Sitters, LLC's Photo

Gulfside Pet Sitters, LLC

14660 Jonathan Harbour Dr, Fort Myers, FL

Gulfside Pet Sitters, LLC offers dog walking, pet sitting, overnight stay, and pet taxi services every day of the year! Pet sitting is in your home, and sitters are insured and bonded.

We require a free 30-minute consultation to meet you and your pets, and to set you up as a new client. After the consultation, you will have full access to our online software where you can edit your client and pet profiles, schedule future services, and view pictures and journals from each visit.
We offer three visit options for daytime Pet Sitting and Dog Walking: Standard 20-30 minutes, Premium 40-45 minutes, and Ultimate 60 minutes. Longer visits are perfect for long vacations where your pet will be alone for an extended period of time, for multi-pet households, or for those pets needing a little extra care and attention. Our overnight services last 10 hours beginning at 9:00 p.m. During each visit, your pet will receive exercise, fresh water, food during meal time, and lots of love, play time, and attention. Services include bringing in your mail/newspaper/packages, taking out the garbage/recycle, watering plants, checking for leaks and other household issues, and making sure your home is locked and secured. We also administer medications, including fluids and insulin, at no extra charge.

About the owner:
Samantha grew up working in her father's veterinary hospital and continued to volunteer for other local veterinarians. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, while working as a professional pet sitter. Samantha is a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI) and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), and is NAPPS Certified. She is determined to provide you and your pets with constant care, love, and exemplary service.

Loveable Paws Pet Care

16206 Via Solera Circle 102, Fort Myers, FL

Hello there and welcome to our site. Me (Josh) and my wife (Sara) started business taking care of pets more than 10 years ago. We are both nurses who love taking care of families and their pets. We are CPR certified and know how to perform Pet CPR, and have actually had to do so in the past. We have seen and know how the family pet really becomes one with the family. We treat our own and others as they are family, and provide the care and love they deserve. We understand that every moment with them can provide security or anxiety, so we take our time, and learn the pet and what they need. We have always cared for our own pets and many friends and family pets as well. We provide grooming, feeding, walking, good amounts of active play, and cleanup service. We do our best to stimulate as many of their senses as possible. Animals though learn through many of their senses; unlike humans that give a higher percent of learning to visual. Dog's instincts play a big role in their behavior and what they can learn, we work with their instincts to more quickly get the results we want. We can walk and play with your pets at your home or one of the dog parks nearby. We go to Buckingham Park, Dog Beach, Daniels Linear, Sanibel beach, Etc. We love to provide games for treats and constantly teach them new tricks. We've cared for dogs that apparently would not learn for their owner and we have shown them it can happen, and how to do it. Honestly most of the time a dog will not learn or listen is because he/she thinks they are in charge and not you. Alpha pets need their role changed which also aids in separation anxiety. This process takes time so not to cause anxiety with your pet. Remember; you can treat your dog like a human but he will treat you like a dog. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.
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