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Pooch On The Hooch

2730 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Ste 201, Duluth, GA

Full Groom (full body haircut, bath, nails, ears, glands, sanitary)
Small-$50 and up
Medium-$65 and up
Large-$80 and up
Extra large-$100 and up
Mini Groom (trim face, feet, bath, nails, ears, glands, sanitary)
Small-$45 and up
Medium-$55 and up
Large-$65 and up
Extra large-$75 and up
Grooming prices vary and are based on factors such as breed, temperament, condition & length of coat and style desired. The above pricing is a starting point. A more exact quote can be given at the time of your appointment once your pet's condition and desired style that is possible with your pet's coat has been assessed by the groomer(s).

Bath & Neaten (bath, nails, ears, glands, sanitary)
Small-$35 and up
Medium-$45 and up
Large-$60 and up
Extra large-$65 and up
(Small - Under 20 lbs. * Medium - 20-49 lbs. * Large - 50-70 lbs. * XLarge Over 70 lbs.)

We reserve the right to refuse service to sick, injured, difficult or aggressive animals. This is for the safety of our staff and your pet. Thank you for your understanding.

Your dog's comfort and safety is very important to us.
We will strive to make sure that grooming is a positive experience.
De-matting is painful and inhumane. SEVERELY MATTED/NEGLECTED PETS WILL BE SHAVED and charged de-mat fees in addition to the normal grooming charge. We will also require you to sign a waiver before we attempt to shave/de-mat
A la carte & Add-On Services:
Brushout/Nails/Ears (no bath) - $20 and up
Nail Trim - $10 -$15
Gland Expression - $15
Ear Cleaning - $5
"Brushless" Teeth Cleaning - $5-10
Teeth Scaling - $15
Medicated Shampoos/Rinses - Add $5
Flea & Tick Removal/Dips - $5-$10
DeMatting Fee (NOT picking out mats, but shaving a severely matted dog BEFORE the bath or finish cut) - $25+/hour
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