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Paws Over Texas

1613 Jackson Dr., Deer Park, TX

Paws Over Texas ~ Vet Tech

Hello Everyone!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Kelly and I am what people call "a true animal lover"!!! I am a Mom of 3 crazy, but loving, wonderful kiddos and a HUGE pet family, from dogs to cats, to an iguana and a turtle! I love my crazy, vibrant long hair and you never know what color (I have greys to cover these days! Haha!) that I have and I love my tattoos and always looking to add another piece to myself to help tell my story! They make me who I am, working on getting Kelly 100% again, and fun colored hair, tattoos, dogs, dogs, and dogs are what will be the medicine to bringing the Kelly everyone knows and loves back!!! So here I go....

As a child growing up I was not allowed to have a dog :(
I did have a gerbil that had babies one time and I did bring home a turtle from the ditch by the golf course another time, and we had a few outside cats that just weren't people cats.

Dogs and farm animals, horses in particular, have always been my passion and I have been one of the lucky ones to be able to pursue a career in the animal industry. I started working in the veterinary field when I was only 15 years old! I worked at Bay Area Animal Hospital for a veterinarian named Dr. Schulte (RIP sir) and held onto that job for a year, before I had to give that up because in high school I was very much involved in FFA and raised steers my junior and senior years so a job became to much with the added duties.

Back to that statement I said above, "I was not allowed to have a dog when I was growing up", I know so sad right?!?! Well I can remember as a "tween" walking over to a neighbors house one day and seeing my very first Siberian Husky with those crystal blue eyes! It was love at first site and I knew I wanted this sweet, happy boy to be a friend of mine so I offered my neighbors a whopping 50 cents to walk their dog around the block everyday they needed. I offered to pay them!! They laughed and allowed me to walk him when needed, let me keep my 50 cents and in return my friends, sister, and I were allowed to swim in their pool and most importantly more time to "doggie sit" with the husky that also swam!

I have been very fortunate to continue my career in the animal industry throughout my life with 18 years of working in the veterinary field, to now being a full time pet sitter/business owner. Those little lessons in life ya know, how I use to try and pay a neighbor to walk their dog because I LOVED him so much,
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