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Command Performance K~9 Obedience Specialist's Photo

Command Performance K~9 Obedience Specialist

335 Doggett St., Charlotte, NC

Bringing Harmony Into The Home ~ For Both Pet And Owner, Since 1980!
* Written Guarantee.
* DVD Recorded Sessions.
* One on One Private Sessions.
* Certificate of Completion upon successful Graduation.
* Discounts for Veterans, Legally Handicapped, Elderly, paying Referrals, and Customized Merchandise (Leashes and Collars).
* Free Support via phone for Customers for the life of your pet trained.
* Harmony in the Home. (Trash raiding, Furniture/Clothing chewing; Separation Anxiety; Running away when Doors are opened, Incessant Barking; and more.)
* Public Etiquette. (Leash Walking; Come, Sit, Stay, Jumping on humans; Dog lunging, and more.)
* Disorders. (Dog Aggression, Incessant Barking, Overly Timid or Aggression towards people -especially children; Fear of car rides, Thunder Storms; and more.)
* Home/Personal Defense. (Protect your Home and Loved ones without placing your dog in unnecessary risk and danger with my personalized touch.
Dog and Client Must meet My Criteria for meeting eligibility for this, and Must sign a Waiver of Liability.)
Coming Soon* Service and Bird Dog Training.
I have only been training Dogs "Professionally" since 1980, but I have had a passion for animals of all types for as long as I can remember. But Dogs seem to be my deepest connection too.
It wasn't until I entered Betty Honns Animal Rescue Center, as a Live-In Volunteer/Worker; that I became aware of just what that "Connection" meant. And it was Betty herself that brought it to my attention.
Betty took me aside, and asked if I was interested in learning how to "Train" Dogs, and of course, I said yes. Rather enthusiastically, I might add. (Smile)
For the next Nine (9) Months, I became the main Handler of the K-9 area, and Betty taught me -One on One- the technicalities of K-9 Obedience. When I left, for personal reasons, I continued to help others with their dogs. I just "Helped" because I knew that I could, and 'They' were open to help.
For the Longest time, I never asked for any payment; because to me, it was more of a Passion than a Means. In my heart of hearts, I 'Train' Dogs [and] People because there is such a gap between the Two, that neither of them knew how to act. And that is where I come in.
However, it became apparent that people were willing to pay for my expertise just to help them; and with much personal struggle, I decided to focus my Career on assisting both Pet and Owner into Harmony.
Thank you,
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