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Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider In Delphos

Full Time
About who needs care: My grandfather is 94 years old. A navy vet. He has diabetes and a preexisting heart condition. In the last months my grandfather has been diagnosed with Dementia and with in the last few weeks experiencing hallucinations. He lives with his wife, my grandmother who is in her eighties. Lately, nights have become a high time for the hallucinations and fear that something bad os going to happen. Such as house fires, terrible storms, and people in the home that are there to cause harm. My grandfathers only wish is to stay in his home and pass peacefully in his own space. Doctors and clinicians are stating that there is nothing more they can do and are pressuring my grandmother to place my grandfather in a nursing home. He is very prideful, scared, and still has a lot of fight in him. We as his family fear if he goes into a nursing home away from his daily life and his wife he will fade quickly. My grandmother does her best to aid him in his needs but she also gets tired and overwhelmed by his hallucination episodes. The doctors also believe that my grandfather is very dehydrated and might possibly have a urinary tract infection. My grandparents have good insurance as well as my grandfathers veterans status have other monetary benefits that could pay for in home hospice or continues care. We are looking for anyone who can help with the episodes, help make him comfortable, as well as adding reprieve to my grandmother. My grandfather is a creature of habit, has a normal schedule he likes to abide by and enjoys his ability to do so. My family is looking for someone to help provide additional assistance and support during my grandfathers hallucination episodes. About the care needs: My grandfather enjoys talking about his time in the Navy, he enjoys cars games and his sports. Services needed include: companionship, feeding, and bathing / dressing.

Hands-on Care Needed For My Father In Delphos

Part Time
About who needs care: Past medical hx. includes HTN, AAA rupture. Needs help bathing, housekeeping. Private in general. Not very social in past 6 months. Can still drive, but doesn't like to. Sleeps upstairs but feels unsafe climbing steps. Sponge baths in downstairs 1/2 bath. Complains of "equilibrium is off" (not veritgo or dizziness) and is being tested/followed by MD for it. Cannot walk long distances without tiring, feeling "off". He enjoys watching all sports on TV and playing games on Ipad. Was a golfer but can't play anymore. Played cards with buddies, but not as sharp now so stopped playing. Heavy smoker. Grocery shopping 1x/wk by son-in-law. About the care needs: Personality-friendly, respects step-dad's privacy but able to converse easily while getting job done. Main needs right now are housekeeping, bathing (transfers in/out of tub, weighs les than 100lbs) , making sure he is eating meals vs saying he is. Will need to communicate with me as needed on observations with his health status, possible decline. I feel as he gets comfortable with someone and as he declines, hopefully further down the road vs sooner, it may lead to more assistance later-companionship, driving. Would love to see him be more social, but not sure he wants to. Close family of same age have invited him to senior center for activities which he has declined Services needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, feeding, and bathing / dressing.