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Experienced math and science tutor of grades 3+. I have been working with children for many years, starting as a volunteer tutor and eventually moving to...

Experienced math and science tutor of grades 3+. I have been working with children for many years, starting as a volunteer tutor and eventually moving to becoming a paid tutor for middle and high school math. I graduated cum laude with a degree in biology. I am passionate about both math and science and am hopeful that I can help your student succeed in these subjects.


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    Chloe M.

    Oct 1st, 2021

    I really hate to leave a bad review you have to do something really terrible for me to leave you a bad review. because I'm a businesswoman and I don't want to mess anybody else up. But she literally almost messed me up. and I know you're going to read this Bria and you need to really think about whether this is the correct field for you or not. and learn how to communicate early enough when it has to do with parents and their children. Everything seemed to be fine. She's a super sweet girl seemingly so. explain to her very clearly of the needs that I have which are picking my son up from school tutoring him and then dropping him off at different sporting events that he has practice or swim or boxing. she said she can handle it we discussed price I think that she was very fair on price and I could accommodate. When it came to interview day something happened she wasn't prompt but she communicated well and it seemed okay. She also forgot the swimsuit because we were going to go swimming but that's neither here nor there she ended up leaving and not staying but whatever my son met her said he thought she would be fine. again when she was there for the moments that she was we went over what I needed etc. supposed to start utilizing her on Monday. Saturday I messaged her and say hey there may be a couple of changes I may need you more than the three days a week are you available. Didn't hear anything back from her all day Saturday all day Sunday. Messaged her again Sunday evening like hey is there a reason I haven't heard back from you what's going on? at this point I'm starting to get nervous. I'm supposed to start him with her on Monday. she messages me back in an hour or so and says she lost her phone and she apologizes but also she's been accepted into some school program and doesn't think that she can any longer help me. after 3 weeks of talking to her this is something she should have let me know that she was trying to get a part of a program and that maybe I shouldn't try and depend on her. I am a single mother trying my best to keep my sweet son busy. THANK GOD I didn't cancel his after school bus and after school care because if I had already canceled I would be even more livid than I am right now. TODAY IS FRIDAY HE MISSED SOCCER PRACTICE. This really hurts me because of a few reasons.. one I feel like I am trying everything I can to give my son the opportunities that other kids have but it feels like I am consistently failing. Even when I'm paying someone to come help us we still get let down. Sorry to get so personal but Bria I want you to understand that us parents have a lot going on trying to juggle parenting and whatever else it is that our children are involved in you have to be more mindful because it is more than just about you and just about babysitting and just about picking up a kid.

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