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RN Or Retired Nurse For Hands-on Care Needed For My Mother In Warrington

Part Time
My mother is 69 years old and in 2009 suffered a systemic infection that affected her organ function and heart. She eventually needed open heart surgery to replace all three heart valves. During recovery she experienced several challenges/roadblocks, including mismanaged medicines and MRSA infections (twice). She had two digits amputated from her hand from the 2nd knuckle, and several toes on each foot removed due to medical complications, which also caused a minor stroke where she lost the peripheral vision in her left eye. Since then she has had spells of full functionality, but most often and recently she deals with bladder related incontinence and had wounds on her legs that take too long to heal before they open up again due to edema (swelling) caused by a limited organ function etc. When she's not dealing with a UTI and fever, she can do a lot for herself, but recently her health has definitely declined and has become more than my 77 y/o father can handle himself. The limited mobility is specific to her legs in constant pain/discomfort, and now a round of gout that she's on medications to treat. She often needs the help of a walker to the bathroom, and when feeling well can handle it herself, but most recently has become very discouraged in relying on my father and has taken to remaining her chair and eventually losing control of her bladder from holding on too long. We're hoping for someone a 2-4 hours a day, a 2-3 times a week, relieving my father and taking care of some of the more strenuous tasks involving helping my mother with her leg wound dressings, ensuring she's able to get to the bathroom etc. The job would also include light house work as they would need some help with cleaning up or organization. Simpler every day tasks like laundry/sweeping/vacuuming could also be incredibly helpful and what we're looking for. There will definitely be downtime and basic companionship would also be helpful since my father would like to use time with a home aide to run errands or get caught up on things in his life. Due to her medical history and wound care we're likely looking for an RN or retired nurse for this position.