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Photo for Family And Household Help Needed!

Family And Household Help Needed!

Part Time
we are looking for someone to help us run our household for a few hours a day during the week. this includes but is not limited to interacting with our two children (a boy, age 11 and a girl, age 9). we would also need help with maintaining the home and taking care of daily tasks such as light errand running or greeting service people, etc. we run a business that keeps us very busy and can't keep up with all the things. mostly we are wanting someone fun, light hear-ted, creative and engaging who enjoys kids their age and doesn't mind being interactive. we are a kind and welcoming space and prioritize good communication and positivity. we would hope that you align with those outlooks in order to be a good fit. our hours are flexible and we have a few weeks of travel in the summer but could provide you with things to do over that time to have consistent work or you are free to take those weeks off. pool accommodations will be provided to you so you can take the kids there sometimes (and enjoy yourself in your time off!). you MUST be okay with the LGBTQ community as this is a same sex household. Our interests and values include kindness first and foremost. joy, positivity, and an open mind to different beliefs systems and being inclusive to all. The kids love their screens. my son loves sports, bike riding, scooter riding, hikes, the trampoline and strategy games. My daughter loves art, reading, writing, humor, movies, animals and NOT being active They're both very self sufficient although my daughter does need support in self confidence and knowing she can do things for herself. we're looking for someone who has a gentle, positive and upbeat disposition. you also should be open minded, inclusive, loving and have a good sense of humor. Our family includes two dogs (both lab mixes) and two cats. our dogs are friendly and loving. one is nosy and a helper and will follow you everywhere and we're pretty sure the other is a slug dressed up as a dog because she is lazy but truly has the best dog smile you've ever seen. they both bark at new comers but they give themselves away by wagging their tails as they do. we have two cats also; one is black and the other is white. the black one is the nicest cat in the world but not the smartest person I've ever met and the white one has evil tendencies but will warn you first.