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Photo for Nanny For 2 Kiddos - Full Time - North Raleigh - $16-$17

Nanny For 2 Kiddos - Full Time - North Raleigh - $16-$17

Full Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 05/12 Raleigh, NC
Our Nanny Completes Our Family Unit | North Raleigh | $16-17/hr + Overtime | Mid-Late May | Must Love the Water We are a dynamic, water-loving family of four. Our oldest will be almost 5 years old when you join us and our youngest will be 2 . Why are we looking for a nanny you may ask? Our dear, dear nanny (who we absolutely adore) is off on a new adventure in a few months. Yay for her, boo for us. Since a morning commute means hustling from the coffee maker to our home offices for now, we don't need you super early in the day. Our typical schedule is 8:00a-5:30p Monday-Friday. Our oldest is in a 4 day a week half day preschool that is a short drive from our house. We are crossing our fingers that our oldest goes to in person Kindergarten in the fall and our youngest heads off to her brother's preschool two mornings a week. That will not change your pay or hours with us, it just gives you more flexibility to grab a coffee and come up with activities for the following week, fit in an appointment that you need to make, or tackle an organizational project in our home after you drop our little one at her preschool. Our family is all about the water. Wherever we go, we are drawn to water. Lakes, oceans, streams, or pools, we just want to be outdoors! Our not so little COVID project included installing a pool, garden beds and a patio. We love to work on projects around our house. We have a workshop and our oldest is already a pro at handling power tools! We are passionate about our garden and enjoy spending time in our outdoor space. Before COVID, all of the above things were true but we also loved going to museums, out to eat, to the Zoo, and on road trips to see family. Our family connection is a core value in our home. We know we cannot burn up the roads visiting, so we make as many virtual connections as possible. Our kiddos are little rockets burning up the atmosphere as they explore, inquire, and grow. Our oldest is exceptionally curious and takes action to learn about the world. If he finds a key, he will put it in every lock. If he wonders how a coin is made-- that is not a passing thought-- he wants you to help him find the answer. This one always has a plan and he is working through the steps. That does create a need for warnings before transitions, but otherwise it is a beautiful thing to watch his imaginative play and creativity. Our youngest is determined and stubborn, we need to remind you here that she is 2 so that is totally on par! She is also the sweetest, cuddliest ball of light that we know. She is already showing deep signs of empathy and connection for those around her. This verbal spitfire knows what she wants, and she is going to do her best to get it. Redirection, laughter, and distraction are the magic tools you will need in your back pocket with this charmer. MGF tells us we are on their VIP client list, and we sure hope that is true. We've always had MGF nannies in our home and we still have connections with everyone who has worked with us. We need you to know we rely on you on a deep level, but we also need you to know, our nannies are a true part of our family. You don't have to be our bestie and share your entire life with us, but we love connection, communication, and community. Our ideal caregiver is loving, organized, and a real go getter type of human, who brings positive and calming energy to our family. We would love for you to help inspire our children to learn, explore, and experience the world through play, learning opportunities, and (safe) outings. One of our absolute deal breaker requirements is that you must be a solid swimmer who enjoys being in the water. We expect that you will spend much of the summer waterlogged. We would love some help around the house outside of your day-to-day care of our favorite half pints. We need help managing the dishwasher, making breakfast and lunches for the kiddos, handling kid laundry and linens, keeping the kids' areas tidy and organized, and some help with meal prep. We currently meal plan with our nanny, buy the groceries, she helps get the meals underway. She often takes home a serving or two of her own as well. Awesome, right? We have a family communication board in our house that we use for reminders like, "Don't forget it's show and tell on Wednesday." Helping with curbside grocery pick up and occasional errands, including picking up our pup from the groomer, is really appreciated as well. We both work at home and we limit our indoor activities to masked and distanced options. We understand that you cannot reasonably have zero risk of exposure, but we would really love a nanny who has a defined bubble and who takes their health and ours seriously just so we can hopefully prevent exposing each other. We promise to be transparent about our activities as well! We're looking forward to getting the vaccine and would prefer our nanny be excited about getting it as well. We have the most laid back pup on the planet. Our dog is good with kids and is so popular that she adopted the neighbors as her second home. You must be comfortable with dogs, but we can't imagine an easier dog to chill with. We are offering $16-17/hr with built in overtime every week. We also offer 4 weeks of PTO! Please be ready to join our team in mid-late May!
Photo for Nanny For 2 Kiddos - Five Points - $20hr

Nanny For 2 Kiddos - Five Points - $20hr

Full Time $15 – 20/hr Starts ASAP Raleigh, NC
2 Attorneys + 2 Active Kiddos Seek Amazing Family Assistant | Five Points | Full(ish) Time | $20/hr | April 5th We are a sporty, active, outgoing family of 4. Our daughter is 7 years old and our son is 11 years old. We are looking for someone to help us thrive through occasional bouts of virtual school, help keep the house under control, and help with getting the kids to and from activities. We especially need you in the afternoons/early evening! The afternoon schedule may vary day to day depending on extracurricular schedules, but will amount to approximately 20-25 hours per week. A typical schedule is 1p - 6p M-F, but there may be room for flexibility with the start time. There is a possibility that we would need to add a few hours if the kids' school goes remote. If both children are in school you can take on a few more household tasks, stay for a date night, or add some hours on Fridays. If safe travel resumes, we may occasionally need to add some overnights. We would love for you to join us by April 5th. You will be helping with school pickups, monitoring virtual school/homework, and helping with family assistant responsibilities around the house such as tidying the house, grocery shopping, running household errands, and tackling or maintaining some home organization projects. Over the summer, we hope to be back in camps this year! Our schedule may vary from week to week depending on the camps we are attending, but we will still need our family assistant to help us keep the house running smoothly, help with camp pickups, and lots of trips to the pool. Being a strong swimmer who is comfortable watching children in the water is very important to us! Even if camps are back in session, we could still guarantee at least 20 hours each week. We are active and LOVE sports. We literally have a spreadsheet in the fall to keep track of all the kid's activities and the college football schedule! Do not be surprised if you are invited to go out and toss the football during a virtual school lunch break, or engage in a game of broomball after school. We enjoy traveling, delicious meals together, and hanging out with friends - in our pre-coronavirus lives. We are social and love having our peeps over to hang out on our porch. The kids are accustomed to socializing, so pandemic life has been a challenge! Our kids are caring, fun, and super charming. They love hanging with adults as much as kids, and they are ready for you to join our family. Our youngest loves to go biking, arts activities, playing games, and her American Girl dolls. Her favorite subjects are math, reading, writing, and science, she is well rounded! Her favorite activities include tennis, soccer, and ballet. Our oldest is into football, basketball, soccer, and well, really any sport. He plays travel soccer, enjoys hanging with his friends in the neighborhood, and building with Legos. His favorite subjects are geography and math, but he also loves to read! We want you to know about our current lifestyle to make sure you are a match for our family. Right now, both of our kids are in in-person school and both are continuing to practice soccer and do other extracurriculars. We are comfortable with the current plans set in place by their school and the soccer club to keep our children/household safe. We are also attorneys and will likely end up back in a courtroom at some point once the state has deemed it safe to resume regular operations. We do wear masks in public and take other reasonable precautions. We need your help with light housework, homework, and monitoring the kids doing their chores. We want our kiddos to practice the Montessori principles that are taught in school, which includes harnessing independence and personal responsibility. Part of this means ensuring they can successfully carry out their daily and weekly chores. Help with meal planning, meal prep, and kitchen organization would change our lives! We will appreciate every single helpful thing you'll do for us and we're great about giving appreciation and positive feedback. Let us know if you are into this! Someone who is organized, takes initiative, and gets stuff done is the Family Assistant of our dreams. We do not have any pets so those with allergies, feel free to apply! We're offering $20/hr!