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Photo for Physician Household - Apex - 30 Hours Wk - $17-20

Physician Household - Apex - 30 Hours Wk - $17-20

Full Time
Physician Household | Apex | 30 Hours/wk | $17-20 | Mid-January/February We are a crazy busy, dynamic family of five. Our sons are 5-years-old and 3-years-old. Our newest sweet pea is only 2-months-old. Her brothers adore her, and truth be told, we are a little partial to that sweet face. Our needs are both simple and complex. Your focus is on the children but three kids under 5 is no joke, so we are looking for a true ringleader to choreograph our little circus. Our schedule may appear complicated but hang in there, it's actually straight forward. Dad is a Resident in Anesthesiology, so his schedule is anybody's guess. Mom works 7 nights on and 7 nights off as a virtual Pharmacist. Your help allows Mom to sleep (Thank you!) and to get some odds and ends done on her days off. We will guarantee you 28 hours a week. You will alternate between the week A and B schedules. Week A includes a 4-hour shift Tuesday and 7:30a-4p Wednesday-Friday. Week B includes 7:30a-4p Monday-Wednesday with a 4-hour shift on Thursday. Your schedule alternates A, B, A, B which means every other weekend you could have Friday-Monday off! Yay! We would love some occasional weekend help but that is rare and we will give you plenty of notice! We are from Florida and met in pharmacy school. We moved to Augusta for Dad to attend med school and we had our first two children while in Georgia. With residency came a move to NC and a new baby. We absolutely love living in Apex. We feel like we have found our community and we fit in well. During the week, we are rolling with the punches! We are doing our darndest to keep the kids active, engaged, fed, loved on, and in one piece while working wackadoodle schedules. We love our professions, our children, and each other. We have found a balance that works for our crew. On the weekends you might find us riding bikes, exploring area playgrounds, or kicking around a ball in the yard. We have a backyard trampoline and find that trampoline parks are an invaluable way to burn energy for our little spark plugs in non-pandemic times. Our kiddos are delightful, tons of fun, and have very different personalities! Our oldest is JUST LIKE Dad was as a kid. He is rule bound, shy until he knows you, and has a ton of energy. He can play soccer for hours! He vibes on connection with his peeps and thrives in an environment with structure, expectations and boundaries. He can do more burpees than Dad! He chooses to lead by example and does so with grace (most of the time!). Our middle kid has swagger! He is going to ask why frequently, challenge the norms, and on occasion he can dig on something he feels strongly about like a pro. He makes friends wherever he goes, he befriends every human he meets! While he enjoys going and doing, he can sit in a sandpit for hours playing independently with his cars. His focus is outstanding! Our little girl is along for the ride. We feel strongly about having her on a schedule but outside of that she just goes with the flow of the house. We never knew how easy a baby could be 'til she came along, her sweet disposition is a welcome island of calm in our busy home! Both of our boys have an identified nut allergy and our middle son tested positive for a fish allergy. We do not bring any nuts into our home and we ask that you do not either. We have an EpiPen and we are happy to refresh your memory on how to use it, if needed. What do we need in a nanny, you ask? Well, the long and the short of it is that we need a reliable, experienced wrangler of children. Your focus will be almost exclusively on the kids and managing the wake of nonsense that comes with their day. We would love for you to give the boys some focused learning time each day. Think preschool circle time and learning games for about an hour a day! Outdoor, physical activity is critical for this crew. We have a great yard and we are sure you will use it daily. We also need you to make sure everyone eats. We lean towards simple lunches and typically you will just be pulling out things that are already prepared from the fridge. Mom sleeps during the day but don't stress, she has black out curtains and sleeps like a rock. Our household management requests are super minimal. We would love for you to help us manage the dishwasher, pick up from your activities at the end of the day, and tidy the kitchen after the kids eat. Breastfeeding is important to Mom and she would like your support. Once you join us, we can talk through our schedule, but we may ask that you bring baby to Mom a few times a day to nurse. This means waking Mom so she can feed and then taking the baby so Mom can get right back to sleep. Think night doula, only during the day! We are a COVID cautious and mask wearing family. We pulled our kids out of their childcare facility back in March and decided to sit the 2020-2021 year out. We are InstaCart loving, curbside pickup using humans who only see others outdoors and distanced. Are you in sync with us? If so, come join our crew! We had a dog who sadly died the day we brought our daughter home from the hospital. We do plan to get another dog at some point in the future, but it will be hypoallergenic. We promise not to bring a cat into our fold! We do have fish, but we really cannot explain how we have kept them alive this long/ They are hardy little dudes! We don't know what life is going to bring in 2021 but with this forced shift in our family lifestyle, we realized we actually love having a nanny and more time with the kids. We will be local for three years and would be tickled pink if you think you can stick around during that time! We are offering $17-20/hr.