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Weekend Sitter Evenings/night

Part Time
This is a reoccurring position that will be held every other weekend or possibly every other two weekends; mainly Saturdays from 11pm- 3 a.m. Note; some Friday evenings may include as well. Also keep in mind, there might be times I extend the hrs too after 3 a.m. or add late evening hrs; if I do, I'll notify you in advance and of-course I'll be adding extra payment depending on the hrs of service. This position is super easy and that is why I have a standard price to offer the sitter. Duties that follows at night: simply check in on my son ONE time to see if his diaper is wet and then perhaps cover him w his blanket that he tends to remove at times. THAT'S IT. My son is 16 months old and sleeps just fine throughout the night. As the sitter, you are allowed to sleep, watch tv, be on your phone, read a book or whatever you have in mind that pleases you. I have a very comfortable movie theater recliner couch in my living-room and a flat screen tv ; you are free to watch Netflix if you wish. My only expectation from this position is that my son is accurately supervised and dry at all times upon on my return. If it's convenient for you to set an alarm to wake you up and check his diaper right before I arrive then I'll advice you to do that. I do prefer a sitter that live close by that way she won't have to drive back home at night for too long and waste gas at that. My standard price for 11 p.m. - 3 a.m. will be $35. You basically will be doing NOTHING and I guarantee you this will surly be one of your easiest positions you ever had. If you are interested, please contact me. Thanks in advance .