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Average Durham nanny share cost:$10.43/hr per family*.
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Samantha Durham, NC

1 Infant
Care need: Full-Time
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Hi there! We're a fun family of 3 with 2 dogs. Both of our furry family members are kid-friendly and one gives lots of kisses. Our 10 month-old son is very curious, fearless, about to walk, and no problem with strangers (despite our fairly strict quarantine practices). We're an active and healthy family and would describe our parenting style as flexible - we allow him to explore what interests him as long as it doesn't cause harm. We have a very small social circle, practice social distancing, wear masks, and go to the store for the essentials. I'm in HR and work from home for the foreseeable future and my husband is still on paternity leave until January 11th, 2021. Our ideal nanny share: We'd like to share with a family with fairly strict quarantine practices and has kids of similar ages (3 and under). Schedule: 3 days a week but open to 4 and open to spitting hosting duties. Looking for lots of developmental activities (no screen time). Our only real COVID exposure will be once my husband returns to work from his paternity leave - retail store manager - and his store limits and regulates the total number of people in the store at one time, strict cleaning procedures, and the team is divided into pods to keep working circling small. Ideally, he'll work remotely as much as possible and we'll find out more closer to January 11th. We're fairly tightly quarantined and are looking for a family that's the same. Communication and transparency are key.
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