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Learning Sea LLC's Photo

Learning Sea LLC

5239 James Lane, Crestwood, IL

The Learning Sea is focused on teaching children to become confident, independent, and creative. Through our various services, the Learning Sea, LLC strives to provide services to children 1-18 years of age. Our programs are tailored to their individual strengths and challenges, all while encouraging skills that they can take with them as they flourish.

Speech Pathology Services
Learning Sea, LLC uses the most advanced evidence-based methods to teach communication skills. Research has consistently shown that children learn best in their natural environment. The Learning Sea views each child as unique and uses their individual strengths and challenges to guide them and help them through the speech therapy journey.

School of Fish Early Learning Pods
Research has shown that early learning years are some of the most crucial years in a child's development. Preschools often provide opportunities for the development of language, social skills, emotional awareness skills, and pre-academic skills. However, now that many centers have decided to switch to remote learning, parents are now looking to form "pods", "micro schools", or "bubbles". Neighbors, family members, and friends with children are able to form their own "pods" but often need a professional to facilitate the classes. School of Fish Early Learning Pods aims to provide small (2-5 children) early learning classes within the home. These small classes allow for more individual attention with a strong emphasis on language development. All classes will be taught by a qualified speech language pathologist.

Language Through Art
Language Through Art is a home-based group (2 to 5 children) class that is tailored to each individual child while simultaneously delivered in the group setting. This allows for more personalized attention to your child's wants and needs, while also working on important social skills such as turn-taking, sharing, attention, and concentration. Children will be encouraged to tap into their creativity as they explore arts, crafts, and sensory play as they learn social and language skills.

Independent Kids
Independent Kids is a home-based program designed to teach children routines, activities of daily living, and the importance of structure throughout their day. With a strong emphasis on using visual schedules, reward-based systems, and consistent practice, Independent Kids focuses on getting your children to becoming more self-reliant and confident.
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