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Ms. Lynnelle's NeighborSchool


I just earned my CDA (Child Development Associate's), a national credit, so that I can teach young children nationwide. I strive to be the best educator that I can possibly be, taking courses and learning throughout my time working in order to better myself and the program. My first priority for the program is making sure the children are safe. It is an absolute non-negotiable! I want to bring up the children as a whole person: physical, emotional, social, cognitive, as well caring, compassionate, and respectful little humans. I provide a bilingual curriculum in both English and Chinese, on top of the Montessori method.

We love to play, it is so fun! They go to school to play, and in every activity they do, they are learning. It is the beauty of working with children. When we play with blocks, they are learning colors, shapes, counting, sorting, and more. When they are playing with Play-Doh, they are learning creativity and how to use their imagination, while building hands-on skills. The sensory and language aspects of, 'this bucket of play-doh is dry,' and 'this one is smooth,' is infinitely important in their little brains as well. There is so much to gain from playing. I want them to have every opportunity imaginable to learn through play.

The benefit of a small program in a home environment for the children is that they learn how to deal with different personalities, conflicts, and more. They are little, but they learn from the examples set not only by adults, but by the other kids as well. Children can teach each other how to share, how to be patient, and how to ask for permission. I had one little girl teaching a little boy how to ask to use a toy, whether it was right then or when a peer was done with it. She asked for permission, the child said yes, then they said, 'thank you,' and 'you're welcome,' and the little boy observing learned. Prior to that, he had been taking toys without asking. It is so rewarding to see the kids growing up and learning how to behave on a daily basis in a safe environment.
We also teach the children about gratitude. It isn't only during Thanksgiving that we talk about this. The children are taught to say 'thank you for dropping me off!' to their parents in the morning. Before we sit down to eat lunch, we do a family-style meal where we all sit together during breakfast, lunch and snacks, we say thank you and are aware of the gratitude of having food to eat.

There is so much to teach the children and my program ensures that they learn as much as they can to launch themselves into a bright, successful future with all of the tools and development they need.

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