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Photo for Kids And Cleanup: 20-30hrs/week ~$12/hr

Kids And Cleanup: 20-30hrs/week ~$12/hr

Part Time
Hi there! We're looking for a housekeeping-childcare combo M-F; 20-30hrs/week, plus nights/weekends upon request. Guaranteed 20 hrs/week ~$12/hr. We've had a live in nanny for 2. 5years and she is truly part of our family. She is ready to spread her wings on her own in New York, and we are now in need of someone to help fill (part) of her shoes. Looking for a long term relationship with someone who is reliable, safe, and fun, to help with our 2 kids (boy age 7 and girl age 3) as well as help keep the house in order while they're at school. Rough schedule which may need adjusting: *Monday and Friday: ~3-4hrs needed *Tues-Weds-Thurs: ~4-6hrs needed; heavier on childcare these days Childcare needs: entertaining active 3yr old in the house and in the neighborhood. May need help picking up from preschool from time to time. Picking 7yr old up from bus stop and helping with homework. Both kids are pretty easy. Housekeeping needs: mostly upkeep- (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, organization and just "tidying up") but more thorough cleans that include dusting, mopping, etc will be requested 1-2x a month. Nothing crazy like scrubbing floors on your hands and knees but definitely want to avoid having to hire a maid service. Between your help, and myself and my husband picking up the rest of , I'd like to keep a fairly neat-ish home. I travel for work a few times a month plus we'd like to aim for 1 date night out every few weeks. Additional hours will be requested in advance.... but we ask for someone who is incredibly reliable. If we have a sitter that flakes out, we will not have a backup and do not have family around to help pick up the pieces. Good communication with us about your schedule and commitments is imperative as we CAN be flexible *in advance*. We are type B people in a type A world- so super easy going and relaxed is our nature. That said, our businesses and clients are entrusting us to show up when we commit to them and things will fall apart quickly if we do not have someone who is consistently reliable. Experience with toddlers and school age children is necessary, references will be requested. Hoping to have someone start before 3/1!